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I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve barely had time to catch up with my social media handles and blog posts. Hopefully, I’ll be posting more than before, keeping myself balanced with at least 2 posts a week.

I’ve been writing on Zomato for almost a year now, and the perks of being a verified user? You get to attend these amazing meetups where interacting with bloggers and sharing good food is the main goal. The opening of Serendipity 3 at Festival City led us to this meetup about two weeks ago.

Being a mall, the restaurant isn’t too difficult to locate.Walk in, and you feel like you’re in a fairytale. Pink and purple everywhere with cotton-like clouds and umbrellas hung from the ceiling. The place smelt like candy and that’s what it’s famous for –  its amazingly huge milkshakes.


We started with their Signature Frrrozen Hot Chocolate. Unfortunately, it didn’t live up to its hype. The milkshake tasted quite ordinary with a little too much of whipped cream on top. I didn’t even bother finishing cause it would just be a waste of calories entering my body. Although a bad start, I was looking forward to the better part that we were promised.

In came the Empire State Onion Rings, Loaded Potato Skins and All In Nachos, and I was sure that this is where I’d love to come back. It’s a bit easy to get overwhelmed by the huge portions, so this would be somewhere you’d like to visit with a group.


The onion rings were piled high and looked like the Empire State itself. Crispy, crunchy and without too much oil, these onion rings definitely stole the show!

The potato skins came in three flavours; Chili Cheese and Guacamole, Mozzarella and Beef Pepperoni & Broccoli and Buffalo Chicken. I could only get the Mozzarella and Beef Pepperoni to my plate, but I felt the potatoes were too much for me. Not a bad dish, but I probably won’t be ordering this again.

Now, after the first round of appetizers came in, the mains also arrived. We had quite a variety presented before us; Mighty Beef Sliders, Caesar Salad with humongous croutons, BBQ Chicken and Cheddar Pizza, and a couple of Foot Long Hotdogs.


My favourites among these have to be the beef sliders and pizza. The sliders were juicy with a thick patty of meat which was well done. And can you see the layer of cheese here? Not healthy, but definitely YUM! The BBQ Chicken pizza was also a hit among our group mates.

Our last course and my favourite one sadly turned out to be the one that disappointed most. The servers brought in a Carrot Cake, Red Velvet and an Outrageous Banana Split. None of which seemed to impress me, other than the portions of course. The sundaes were filled with scoops of ice cream with an overload of whipped cream on top.


They also served us their “Dubai’s Treasure Chest”, exclusively designed by the American chain for U.A.E. This consisted of some massive cakes and a chocolate treasure chest filled with Serendipity’s ice creams, all for a whopping 350 AED! I’d like to see who purchases this, though…. It looks more of an item on the menu that is never bought by anyone.

Although very mediocre food, the experience was memorable due to blogger friends and activities that were included for the event.

If I’m coming back: I think I’ll go for the food rather than desserts. I might order the onion rings, beef sliders and the BBQ Chicken and Cheddar pizza. The prices are a bit high for a fast food place, but it’s affordable for a one time visit.

Until then, happy eating! xx
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