Your Ultimate Stop – The Bake Stop

With so many new patisseries opening up every other day in Dubai, it becomes almost impossible to make your mark on the audience in this city. Battling with the current leading confectioneries, is this home based bake shop. The Bake Stop is managed by Ms. Aliya Khatri, who not only is a sweet girl ( did I mention she’s just 17? ), but also really knows her stuff! I was happy enough to try her bakes and share my experience with them. 🙂


First up, I tried the cookie oreo brownies ( my favorite ones by the way 🙂 ) These little pieces of heaven were filled with goodness. They constituted of a cookie layer at it’s base, oreo in the middle, made into a brownie. Heat them up for a bit, and you’ll love how they fill your mouth with chewy chocolate.


Next, I tried the Chocolate Cookies. One can’t just have enough of these! They were almost hard to resist. I had to try them before even getting them home! 😀

These were big and chewy and soft. Most people often go wrong with cookies and sometimes they tend to be crispy. These weren’t like those, and I’m glad.


Lastly, the Red Velvet Oreo Brownies. These were a tad bit sweet for me. I mean, a little too sweet. The base is made up of red velvet cake, and is topped with a thick layer of oreo and chocolate. The base here can be made thicker, so that the chocolate doesn’t overpower it.

Nevertheless, Aliya offers other options too. She has cinnabons, oreo truffles, cake pops and also cookie cups! 😀


Prices: AED 30 for half dozen

AED 55 for a dozen

You can also find her on Instagram:

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