What’s in the name Paper Fig?

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Our recent breakfast was at Paper Fig, located in University City, Sharjah. What looks like a usual building from the outside, is a contrast with its interiors. Wooden walls which serve as a great backdrop for pictures, charming servers, and a vibe that’s somehow similar to Afternoon Tea places, Paper Fig became a fast favorite. 

But what does the name signify? We are quite intrigued to know the story behind it. From the founder, Nawal Al Nuaimi, herself we learn that the name was coined after a holiday abroad when Nawal chanced upon some beautiful paper fig shells.

“The shells always reminded us of what a lovely time we had, and always wanted to return. We want our customers to think about us after they leave, and when they’ll come back.” – As said by Nawal Al Nuaimi, The National.

The menu boasts influences from European cuisines, our breakfast includes the likes of Eggs Benedict [AED 42], Avocado Toast [AED 35], Burrata Salad [AED 79], and a Grilled Four Cheeses Sandwich [AED 35].

There’s also Shakshuka [AED 49] included, which is a staple at all breakfasts in Dubai. A creamy tomato mixture topped with Feta Cheese. Our Avocado Toast is given a nice touch with a base of a Beetroot Hummus Toast, pleasing to the eyes and the tongue.

But, our Four Cheeses Sandwich was the winner. A cheesy way to start anyone’s day and with a side of fries. (pun intended) Not a healthy alternative, but a fantastic one nonetheless.

A meal for us cannot be complete with dessert and a coffee to go with. And, if it’s breakfast particularly, we need all the coffee we can. (Check out my love for the drink here.)

Ask for the best-liked dessert and the answer will be the PF French Toast [AED 46], which we hear is good enough for people to be making trips from Abu Dhabi for it! A warm and soft french toast topped with maple syrup and strawberries is more than comfort food for us.

As for those who like the ‘entertainment factor’ that is presented at most restaurants nowadays, the Sweet Reveal [AED 70] and Blossom Feast [AED 72] is the one for you. The Sweet Reveal is like the name suggests. A closed container which reveals a beautiful Valrhona Chocolate Mousse with mixed berries and Tahitian Vanilla Bean.

The Blossom feast is not bad too, and I think this is where we are most intrigued by the presentation. At first, what you get is the flower-pot which is “watered” with a watering can filled with milk. The pot is later overturned to display a raspberry cheesecake. On the side is a Pistachio cake with Tahitian Vanilla Bean and Rooibos Tea.

If I’m going back: Paper Fig has definitely become one of our personal favorites for breakfast. The Four Cheeses Sandwich at AED 35 is a steal and fills the tummy. And, what’s a better excuse to indulge in some fries for breakfast?

The coffees are great at the café/restaurants and we would recommend the Sweet Reveal with it. 

What are your favorite breakfast spots? Let us know as we are working on an exciting post soon!

Get in touch with them through www.paperfig.ae

Until then, happy eating! xx

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