What to Wear in Italy? Your Customized Italy Packing List

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Italy is one of the most fashionable countries in the world! Therefore, you must have thought about what to wear in Italy so that you don’t stand out? Here’s a detailed Italy packing list that you can customize according to your preferences

With my current trip to Italy which also happens to be my first time in the country, I quickly made an Italy travel checklist being the super organized person that I am, detailing what to pack for Italy and how to dress in Italy so that I am not the odd one out. Prior to this list, I had researched online and many people seemed to have an opinion that Italians are generally very judgy when it came to dressing.

I am not sure how much of that is right because all the Italians I have met outside Italy seemed very friendly and also dressed quite normally? (if that’s the right word to be used here)

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What to Include in your Italy Packing List 

Some of the common Italy travel essentials which remain the same for most trips to Europe are your camera, phone chargers, and laptop. These are also included in my list for what to bring to Europe which covers packing for all seasons.

But first up, before we actually start our Italy packing list and talking about Italy dress culture, here are some quick tips about what NOT to wear in Italy; i.e., extremely bright colors, fanny pack to avoid looking like a tourist, and wearing shorts when it’s not summer.

Also, Italy has a lot of churches so it is better to have your shoulders and knees covered to avoid the hassle of carrying a shawl every time you’re out. Basically, don’t wear anything that might make you stand out. This is a little hard if you are a Muslim and cover your head.

But as times have progressed, Muslims are accepted throughout the world. So, there’s nothing to worry about!

Before we continue, another tip? Leave excess baggage at home to avoid lugging it down the cobbled streets. More things not to bring to Italy are a lot of cash and gadgets, because well, pickpocketing is common there.

After these Italy packing tips, let’s talk about…

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What to Wear in Italy

A 10 day Italy trip can easily fit into your carry on luggage. This way you carry just one item around – either a carry on suitcase or a backpack, your choice. I, however, personally choose the suitcase because I find it difficult to carry the load, especially when walking for a long time. My husband thinks otherwise.

Are you thinking, “what do people wear in Italy?”

Fashion in Italy is mostly similar to trends around the world. However, people here wear tailor-fit clothing and prefer muted colors.

This is why I’ve seen and heard that tourists like to dress up when they’re traveling to Italy and try to blend in. Also, since some touristy places have been known for notorious pickpockets, it is safe to not stand out as a tourist.

What to bring to Italy largely depends on the season you will be visiting because what to wear in Italy in summer is very different from winter. However, it is easy to remember the Italy seasons; December to February is winter, March to May is Spring, June to August will be summer, and September to November is Autumn.

Visiting Italy during spring and autumn is cheaper because they are shoulder months and don’t have many tourists. Summer is the most expensive and crowded time.

Italy Checklist for Spring and Autumn

I find both Spring and Autumn almost the same, it isn’t too hot nor too cold except rains that you need to shelter yourself from. I suggest carrying a good rainproof jacket if you are wondering what to wear in Italy in October-November or during the months of February and March.

A basic checklist of what to pack for Italy in October – November or spring months:

The same rules apply if you’re visiting Italy in March and wondering what to wear in Italy in March as the weather is just a little cooler which is why I suggest carrying a light jacket as evenings can get chilly

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Packing for Italy in Summer

The best time to visit Italy is sometime between April and May. The weather is just perfect! What to wear in Italy in May will constitute some of your favorite outfits

Summer in Italy can get quite hot! The Northern areas are comparatively cooler than the South but you can expect temperates ranging from the late 30°C up to even 40°C

For your Italy packing list summer make sure you keep light and breathable clothes made of cotton or linen. If you’re going to be at the beach a lot, then pack some flip flops and a nice swimsuit/ burkini.

The hottest month is August in the South so if you’re visiting Italy in August to places like Rome and Sicily, don’t forget to pack sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat (I like using an umbrella too when it’s too sunny!)

In short, here’s what your Italy summer outfits should be made up of:

What to wear in Italy in November (the start of wintertime)

Whether you’re thinking about what to pack for 12 days in Italy or just 3 days, I would always suggest keeping an umbrella to battle the rain or light showers.

I wouldn’t think of travel to Italy in November since it’s the rainiest month and well, I don’t really like to get wet every time I head out. Also, the weather is usually dull while I prefer sunny days 🙂

A simple raincoat will suffice in this situation along with this simple checklist of what clothes to wear in Italy in winter:

  • Layers – try shawls, scarves, a colorful jacket
  • Boots without heels so you don’t trip on the cobbled streets
  • Fingerless gloves so you don’t have to worry about your phone slipping from your hands or not being able to type in the cold
  • Earmuffs (optional and I don’t use them because I wear scarves)
  • Beanie (again optional but so cute!)

No matter what your checklist consists of, what to wear when traveling to Italy should be items you are comfortable in. It wouldn’t make sense to wear something just to fit in but you are left feeling conscious about yourself the entire time. You’re on a holiday, so just enjoy! 🙂

Taking a trip to Italy soon? Here are some major attractions you should not miss!

If you’re visiting Italy in April then I suggest you cover all the best things to do in Italy especially if you are a first-timer. However, if you travel to Italy in August during the peak tourist time, then head to lesser-known areas like the islands of Murano, Burano, and Torcello on a boat trip from Venice. Alternatively, you can try a street food tour with a guide in Rome when the crowds are at the tourist destinations in Rome.

Italy is extremely beautiful to visit all year round and each season brings a different experience. Also, it is a huge country and thus, there’s so much to explore! I hope by reading this Italy packing list, all your worries about what to pack for a trip to Italy have vanished!

Until then, happy traveling! xx

P.S. If you would like to save and read later, here are some pinnable versions 🙂

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  3. Awesome list of what to wear in Italy! I used to live in Venice and was always impressed by how well people dressed – Italians have great style.

  4. Love this list. Back when I lived in Italy, I had to buy a whole new wardrobe when it unexpectedly did get cold for winter and all I got were ugly jumpers and pants (I was 16 … I was stupid. The photos are bad). Definitely could have used this much more fashionable guide

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