Ultimate Guide: What to do in Global Village, Dubai 2021

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Undoubtedly, the best season to visit in Dubai is during winter. This is when the festive season is around, it’s cool to be outdoors, and also Global Village in Dubai is open. If this is your first time in Dubai, here’s an ultimate guide about what to do in Global Village which has all information about how to reach global village Dubai, global village prices, and of course, what to eat at Global Village!

I’ve been visiting the festival since I was a kid where my parents would make sure we have all items stocked, bathroom trips are taken before leaving home, and we are fully covered because, well, Dubai was really cold back then.

Presently, Global Village shops are more, there are more toilet facilities, and it is not very cold anymore (or maybe, I just used to feel extra cold when I was a kid. Guess, I will never know…)

If you are someone who has no idea about Global Village Dubai, read more below.

What is Global Village?

Global Village is an annual festival in Dubai that takes place during its winter months. It usually starts from November until April. Of course, this changes every year and you can have information about this on their official website.

The best time to visit Global Village Dubai is during the early evening so you can enjoy it until it closes.

But really, not even an entire day is enough to complete the place! It is really that huge! Dubai Global Village entry fee is AED 15 per person. This excludes children under 3 years, seniors above the age of 65 years, and people of determination.

The timing of Global Village Dubai is from 4 pm until 12 am on weekdays, and 4 pm until 1 am on public holidays and weekends. Monday is known as “Family Day” where only families and ladies are allowed.

Facilities include prayer rooms, an information center, toilets, and ATMs.

Well, now that you know the basic info, let me tell you exactly what to expect at the Dubai Global Village festival.

You can expect fun activities, lots of food, and items available to each country here. The entire place is divided into pavilions, each of them belonging to a country where stalls are set up and you can explore what is native to each destination.

My usual favorite countries to visit are, of course, India and Pakistan (amazing chaat here!), America, Turkey, and China. I also visit other countries depending on the time at hand. However, it is very difficult to cover each pavilion thoroughly and you have to skim through some if you want to visit more countries in one day.

It really is like taking a mini holiday and going around the world…only in a shorter time!

How to go to Global Village? 

Global Village is situated at Exit 37, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road. There is ample space for parking cars which is free of charge.

There are also valet services ranging from AED 50-200 per day. In case you have parked very far from the entrance, there are free shuttle buses and Dotto trains that can take you to the main gate.

As there is no nearest metro to Global Village Dubai, the roads and transport authority of Dubai has prepared routes for the bus to Global Village. These buses leave from well-known stations like Rashidiya, Union, Mall of the Emirates, and Ghubaiba ensuring everyone has access to it.

For more information about bus services and timings, click here. For those coming from Dubai Mall to Global Village, can take the bus from Union. And people coming from Bur Dubai to Global Village can take the Ghubaiba bus for Global Village which will be more convenient

What to do in Global Village Dubai? 

There are lots of things to do in Global Village Dubai. In broad categories, the place is divided into daily shows, shops, and the Carnaval.

Daily Shows

Concerts, stunts, and performances take place on a daily basis so if there’s a specific one you want to check out, keep an eye on their website before your visit to Global Village

Shops at Global Village 

The country pavilions have lots of stalls where you can shop and look around. This is your best chance to snag some deals and collect souvenirs and merchandise from your favorite country in the world. To download a map of this season of Global Village, click here.

Carnaval at the Global Village

After looking around and shopping for Global Village clothing and merchandise, I recommend going to the Carnaval. You can find this near the Japan and Thailand pavilions.

There is a huge Ferris Wheel, carousel, and lots of thrilling rides. They are fun to watch but I don’t really ride on them after a ride I tried many years ago…well, to keep the long story short, my adventurous sister paid for this “awesome ride” in her words without my knowledge. She convinced me that it was a must-try and not at all something that will turn around in all directions. After the ride started, our seats were tossed and turned upside down, sideways, and all the directions you can imagine which made me very sick!

However, if you are not like me and side with my evil adventurous sister, then you will have fun! Really, go on and try it 🙂

What to eat at Global Village?

The food at Global Village is really worth trying. You can try a range of delicacies from all around the world.

Note that pork and alcoholic beverages are not sold. Each pavilion has kiosks placed while also there is a common area like a food street concept with food stalls selling dishes very popular on social media.

The food is also one of the main reasons why people like Global Village tours. I suggest the best way to explore what to eat and not eat at Global Village is to take a walk on Kiosk Street and see what attracts you most.

Look at some of the dishes below that caught my attention when trying out “Global Village cuisine”

  • Chick’n Cone

A convenient way to eat chicken and waffles while you walk and shop! Chick’n Cone is located in Kiosk Street opposite the main prayer hall and come in a range of flavors


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  • Mac n Cheese

Who doesn’t love Mac n Cheese topped with shredded Cheetos? Wasn’t joking about the love for chips 🙂
Location: Kiosk Street


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  • Beef and Cheese

My two favorite things; beef and cheese. Imagine a large beef patty stuffed with lots of cheese. My kind of a meal 🙂 I tried the Beef Bites when I was there and found them pretty small, next time I will try the beef pizza because it looks better
Location: Kiosk Street


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  • Konz Republik

These are cone-shaped crepes filled with chicken, meat, or sweet fillings. Very nice and convenient to eat while you walk Location: Kiosk Street


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  • Muffie’s Bakery

Get your sweet fix here!
Location: Opposite Al Sana’a Village


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  • Skirt Burger

What an apt name! I remember trying a similar burger in Blaze Burgers, JBR. Location: Near Lebanon pavilion


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  • Yuki No Hana

Located in Thailand pavilion, this watermelon stuffed with softie is sure to be one of the most Instagrammable pictures you will capture in Global Village. I extremely enjoyed it as it was quite refreshing after a long walk
Location: Inside Thailand Pavilion


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  • Restaurants in Global Village Dubai are aplenty with some popular fast food concepts like Al Farooj and also some delicacies that serve Iranian, Italian, Indian, and Turkish food. You can really pick where to dine but I mostly recommend the street food as you can get to try many dishes
  • Look out for the Candy Floss cart. They have really cool theatrics like flying cotton candy and candy floss with a glow stick
  • Other amazing concepts at the Global Village are the Floating Market opposite China pavilion serving delicious seafood fare and oh so mouthwatering souffle (this is a must-try!)
  • Chat Bazaar in Indian pavilion Global Village (recommended for all chaat items) and Fruit Bazaar near the Thailand pavilion for freshly cut fruits

There are truly lots of choices and it’s very difficult to cover it all in one day. I, myself, haven’t been to most of the pavilion despite living in Dubai all my life. Whenever I visit, I always get distracted by the live shows, food, and all the grandeur. For a first time visitor, I assume it will be a lot to take in but in a good way!

Hotels near Global Village Dubai

If you are a tourist in Dubai, then I’d suggest choosing a hotel near Global Village so you travel easily and quickly when you are coming back after a tiring day. I suggest booking a maximum of two days so you can split your visits and still cover up most of the park. Here are some of my recommendations for Global Village hotels:

Arabian Ranches Golf Club: Away from the city’s hustle and bustle, it is lovely to be staying at this spot if you had previously booked a hotel in the city center. The service is nice, good food, and you also get to play golf if you have free time in your hands.

I suggest booking early as the hotel gets fully booked during winter. Click here to book on Agoda now.

Want to know where to stay in Dubai? Here are my favorite hotels in Dubai

Studio One Hotel: Instagrammable rooms and convenience in the form of a fitness center, restaurants, and being just 11 minutes away from Global Village.  I love the room style, especially triple rooms that come with bunk beds! Check current prices here.

Abidos Hotel Apartment Dubai Land: If hotel apartments are more your thing, Abidos is a nice option. Located in Dubai Land, it is only under 20 minutes by car to Global Village travel. Rooms come with access to the rooftop pool and also a full kitchen with kitchenware. Very suitable for families in my opinion. Click to book now.

Global Village brings back all childhood memories so I plan on going every year it comes on. It’s such a fun festival that I recommend you to visit if you are here during the winter months.

For more activities on what to do during the winter months, check my season guide here.

Have you been to Global Village? Let me know if you have any recommendations on things to check out! 

Until then, happy eating and traveling! xx

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