What to Bring to a Trip to Europe for Any Season

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Big news: I just bought my tickets to Italy and I am so excited! With all the research I have been doing about where to stay and what to see there, the biggest task just dawned on me: PACKING. I loathe packing and would rather have someone do it for me. Unfortunately, I am not blessed with heaps of money nor do I like someone else in control of my things so this won’t happen anytime soon. But, I’ve discovered the only way is to strategize and organize so I don’t end up missing anything. This is why I have decided to write a detailed guide on exactly what to bring to a trip to Europe and guess what? You can use this for any season!

I’ve written similar guides like what to pack for winter in Japan and a Dubai packing list in case those destinations are on your mind for this year or anytime soon.

I’ve realized that procrastination is the only thing that keeps me hating on this activity. Once I have prepared a checklist of things to do and plan a trip in Europe, it becomes very easy to finish the task and I ‘m done in minutes. Ask my husband, he’s the one who takes ages to pack for a trip!

Alright, so let’s quickly get to the basics then…

What to Bring on a Trip to Europe

How to Plan a Trip to Europe

This really depends on which country you are traveling from. My trips are often from Dubai which has direct flights to most destinations in Europe. I keep track of the website to snag a cheap flight on Skyscanner by entering “Everywhere” in the return section and choosing the cheapest month that is convenient for me to travel

After the first step to plan my trip to Europe, I check the visa requirements of the country. Europe requires a Schengen visa for most countries which is relatively easy to get from Dubai. This time I am planning to get it done through Cox & Kings Global Services for my visa to Italy.

The next few steps are to establish the things to bring to Europe, deciding the number of days to be spent, planning an itinerary, choosing accommodations & tours, and finally, figuring out the cost for trip to Europe.

Stay calm, I’m just going to help you with all of that πŸ™‚

What to Bring to a Trip to Europe

Europeans generally dress better than the other continents. Think about the fashion capital, Paris or the place for shopaholics like Milan. Most ladies in France are so well dressed, it just looks like they are part of royal families!

Other than the usual what to wear in Europe, my standard Europe packing checklist includes a few necessities for a person traveling from the Middle East.

International Adapter:

Of course, anyone traveling across countries knows how much this is important. On my recent trip to India, we had certain places where we couldn’t plug in our Middle East phone chargers. However, the receptionist was very kind to offer us his charger for the night we were staying! I love this one as it is very precise and you only need to use the toggles on the side depending on the country. Click here to view it.

Toiletries Bag:

This is always a must for me when traveling as I am super organized and don’t want to have to find things when I need them in a hurry.

I really like that this bag has two compartments which makes it really simple for me to separate brushes and other toiletries from makeup. The bag itself is quite roomy and holds the basic things I need for travel. Click here to buy it.

Portable Charger:

You HAVE to have a portable charger when you are thinking of what to bring when traveling to Europe or just any other place! I, for one, am the kind of traveler who leaves the hotel in the morning and comes back at night.

I need to have a battery all the time to avoid getting lost or to find any kind of information online. I especially like this portable charger for having two slots where 2 devices can charge simultaneously.

Camera – Canon 750D

My handy Canon 750D is the love of my life! I just cannot live travel without it. It is very easy to use for beginners while also giving good quality pictures. With the built-in Wi-Fi and NFC, I can easily transfer pictures to my phone on the go without the use of the internet. Click here to buy it.

Packing Cubes:

Another must when I’m thinking of what to pack when traveling to Europe or any other place is to use packing cubes. This seriously makes life easier by separating used clothes with unworn, trousers and tops, and shoes.

Nowadays, these come in a range of colors and designs which look cool and super trendy! Check it out here.


This is not a must! But, one of the things you should consider before you think of how to plan a trip to Europe. The continent is famous for its cobble-stoned streets which look oh so endearing in postcards and pictures, but to drag a suitcase on them, not very simple let me tell you!

It is usually a matter of personal convenience. Like for example, my husband likes backpacks while I preference a suitcase. This is only because I can pack stuff inside the suitcase and expect it to be the same arrangement when I open it. Whereas, it is not the case for a backpack.

Also, a backpack can get heavy if that is the only item you are relying on for your entire trip. However, if you do like a backpack, then check it out here!


Whether you are going on a solo Europe trip or family trip to Europe, a tripod comes in handy. The Gorillapod is my personal favorite because it gives stability when I have to shoot videos and also the short legs are easily bendable which makes mounting onto any object easy. Click here to view the price.

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Other important things I pack during every trip include:

  • Vitamins and necessary tablets for food poisoning, common cold, painkillers
  • Passports, any tickets, and a card with all the contact information of our hotels
  • Brushes, personal toiletries, and makeup
  • Locks for the suitcases and a small towel
  • My laptop without which working would be very difficult (optional)
  • Some cash and an ATM card

What to Pack for a Trip to Europe in Summer

Summer is a peak time for tourists who are packing for trip to Europe. Summer months are typically between June – August (P.S. This time is super hot in Dubai so most of the people living here like to travel to Europe for vacations). Temperatures range from 15ΒΊC to 25ΒΊC.

A basic Europe checklist should have at least: 4 basic light tops that can be matched with skirts or pants, 1 dressy outfit for that unplanned dinner in a nice place, 2 pairs of jeans, 1 skirt, 2 pairs of trousers/ light pants. Bring an extra pair of shoes than the ones you are wearing, 3 pairs of socks, 5 sets of cotton comfortable underwear that can be washed and dried quickly.

For those deciding to spend some time at the beach, pack your sarong and swimsuit.

If you’re thinking of what shoes to bring to Europe, you should pick something that you can walk around in all day. Also, the uneven streets of Europe can make walking in heels difficult so choose your footwear carefully.

Some inspiration for you below:

What to Bring to Europe for Autumn

A packing list for Europe for Autumn must include light jackets as this is when it starts getting cooler. These are months during September, October, and November with temperatures dropping to 5ΒΊC and 15ΒΊC.

Things to Bring on a Trip to Europe in Winter

Winters are the coldest time of the year and the time when you will find most people inside homes. But, for those who love the cold weather, this might be an ideal time for them to book a trip to Europe.

These are months between December to February with February seeing temperatures starting to rise. The typical climate expected is blizzards and winds and the temperature is anywhere under 3ΒΊC.

Some inspiration for what to wear in Europe in winter:

Be mindful to pack lots of warm clothes during this time and more for those planning to do winter activities.

Want to know the best destinations in Europe for winter? Click here

Packing for a Trip to Europe for Spring

A standard packing list for Europe for spring doesn’t have to include many warm clothes. Like Autumn, only a light jacket is needed. Rains, however, can be plenty during this time depending on the country you are visiting so packing waterproof shoes and an umbrella can be helpful.

How Much Does a Trip to Europe Cost?

Okay, so this is what you must be thinking. And, the answer is that it depends.

But the real questions are, how to afford a trip to Europe? or how to start planning for a trip to Europe on a budget?

The key is to start budgeting for a trip to Europe months in advance. I saved for a couple of years before traveling to the United Kingdom and France. Too bad that way before this blog was started so I haven’t recorded it here.

Well, how to save for a trip to Europe?Β 

Keep a track of prices for flight tickets way in advance. Occasions like Christmas and New Year’s or even Black Friday will have tons of promo codes and discounts so this is the best time to buy.

The next step for your budget trip to Europe will be to look for flights that have short layovers. Sure, a non-stop flight will be amazing! But, stopover flights are much cheaper comparatively. If you have flight points. you can use those too to secure flight tickets at an affordable rate.

Also, look for off-peak times so it can be the best time to plan a family trip to Europe for many people in a group. This is mostly during Spring and Autumn.

Financing a trip to Europe need not be expensive with tons of cheap accommodations and homestays located in the country you are looking out for. If you are a solo traveler, hostels are the best way to save money and make friends on the road.

My favorite way to check for accommodations is on Booking.com. I select the kind of place I way to stay at and then choose the lowest price first option. Check out some hotel fares here:

The cost of a trip to Europe can also be brought down by making wise decisions when you are at the destination. Some tips I use to plan my trip to Europe are:

  • I try not to eat exactly near tourist spots for those restaurants are usually the priciest
  • Take early trains as those are cheaper than those during office crowd time
  • Try to buy food from groceries at times to save costs for breakfast/dinner

Booking some tours in advance can help plan out your day without wasting time. I always take a look at tours available online so I don’t have to resort to whatever is available at the spot as usually prices are hiked if you look too touristy.

Just in case you need a little help, some of the cheapest countries in Europe are known to be the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Romania. While some of the most expensive countries in Europe right now are Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland.

Well, so that’s my say on what to bring when traveling to Europe! I hope all your doubts have been cleared. If you have any tips or pack some more important things, I’d love to know πŸ™‚

Until then, happy traveling! xx

P.S. If you would like to save and read later, here are some pinnable versions πŸ™‚

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  1. Great tips. I am far less organised than this. I normally just plan a few outfits and then bung the adaptors/wires and toiletries into my bag at the last minute! You way sounds far more sensible.

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    1. Thanks, Nina! Yes, some places are definitely warmer than the others but even Spring in Europe seems cold to me coming from Dubai! πŸ˜›

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