Truffle-ing at Moylo’s, Jumeirah

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Burger joints are my absolute favourite place to visit. There’s something about the unpretentious food and laid back atmosphere that I’m fond of, healthy doses of which everyone should experience once in a while.

We recently came across Moylo’s, located in Jumeirah and started by two Emiratis. I find it nice how Emiratis are starting up new businesses and taking on the challenge of offering Western delicacies. Although, I would have liked to see something that was a West and Middle Eastern fusion.

We also noticed how there was a lot of work done on the interiors of the surprisingly small joint. But the quirkiness of the decor kept us busy enough to not notice how time went by.

The menu is a no-nonsense sheet of paper that lists the few types of burgers and sides they do. There are also add-ons for those who want a little something extra. We tried:

  • Truffle Shuffle: This burger was introduced recently and has crispy onion rings with a thick beef patty in a potato bun. We decided to ask for extra crispy bacon for good measure, because who doesn’t love these? The burger promises notes of truffle flavour, but I found that missing which made the whole dish fall flat. What’s a Truffle burger with the very aspect lacking?

  • Beenoa (AED 34): The only vegetarian burger on the menu and comes in brown bread. The filling is of beetroot, quinoa and cannellini beans. You can also taste some grilled onions cooked in truffle oil. This isn’t for someone who expects a crispy interior since the patty is more like a paste held together, but I found myself liking this unusual combo.

  • Crispy Onion Rings (AED 18): Crispy, huge and very very oily. You can skip these due to the high oil content, but do order the Truffle Mayo it comes with as it is to die for!

  • Parmesan Truffle Fries (AED 18): A lot of truffle happening at Moylo’s. This was yet another dish with the ingredient and consisted of parmesan over crispy french fries. Cheesy, yes. Crunchy, yes. Truffle flavour, hardly. I almost thought I’m having the regular parmesan fries. Another disappointment.

  • Pop Corn Chicken: Now this was something that stood out. Not that it was inventive or hasn’t been done anywhere, but the buffalo sauce paired with the well-done exterior of the chicken felt good.

  • Salted Caramel (AED 25) and Freakin’ Ferrero Milkshake (AED 29): I preferred the Ferrero milkshake here. Unlike other places, this didn’t just taste like an ordinary chocolate milkshake but like Ferrero. (Pictured behind)

We later gave their desserts a try, which were just scoops of different flavoured ice cream with their respective sauces. Moylo’s can do a lot better in terms of improving their sweet endings as there are a lot of competitors who serve a wide variety of the latest trends.

If I’m going back: I’d try their Signature burger which seems to be the most demanded one with Ferrero Milkshake. The fries and popcorn chicken also deserve another try. Moylo’s really needs to up its game if it’s expecting to see a brighter future. It can probably start by reducing most of the truffle dishes which hardly show for themselves and just seem like an attempt to fool the customer.

Have you tried Moylo’s? What’s your favorite burger joint?

Until then, happy eating! xx
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4 thoughts on “Truffle-ing at Moylo’s, Jumeirah

  1. Interesting review. I’ve only tried Moylo’s once and really liked the truffle fries and the hot chick burger. Wouldn’t mind trying the truffle shuffle to see if I can notice the truffle flavor or not. Maybe next time I’m down that way.

    1. I think they could cut down most of the truffle from the menu as they don’t really provide the flavor. I loved the truffle mayo and the truffle grilled onion in my Beenoa. That’s about it.

      The parmesan truffle fries were good too, but I couldn’t taste the truffle much.

      1. That’s disappointing. It’s such a strong and distinct flavor too that you wouldn’t really need to add much at all for it to shine through.

  2. Exactly! Although the strong flavor is for truffles, Moylo’s uses truffle oil in its fries which has a slightly less strong taste.

    Imagine if they had to use the real ones, the prices would be hiked up!

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