Top Tips for Travel as a Family After the Coronavirus

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With many parts of the world now opening their borders for international travel with kids and families, what will travel as a family look like after this Coronavirus pandemic? I got in touch with seasoned travel bloggers who gave me tips for traveling with family and how to stay safe while doing so.

Mentioned below are some tips for travel with kids mentioning precautions, ideas for traveling with kids, and basic tips for a family traveling the world.

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How to Travel as a Family After the Coronavirus?

Pack Basic Medication – Lynn from Be your Own Travel Guide

Even with precautions put in place by airlines, cruise ships, and other attractions, there is still a chance that you or a member of your family might get sick when traveling internationally with kids.

It is imperative that you are come prepared for any scenario to ensure the best outcome for travel with kids. Family vacation packing tips include basics like Tylenol, Band-Aids, and cough medicine are small things that can drastically help the situation.

Last year, I had bought hydration medicine for our trip to Africa ‘just in case’, but did not end up using them. Thankfully, I continued to pack them in my suitcase for our trips, and they were a lifesaver when our entire group of 10 got food poisoning in the Dominican Republic! Those $11 tablets saved us $2000 in Doctor’s assessments and helped us retain the only water we had consumed in two days. I was so grateful that I was prepared.

The old saying “plan for the worst and hope for the best” is super relevant to family travel. Reflect on the possible pain points and do your best to prepare for those.

This may mean taking along those prescriptions for recurring illnesses, splitting clothes between bags in case they get lost, and having a backup plan. If you know that your child is prone to swimmer’s ear, pack earplugs and drops. Impatient and hangry husband? Be sure to take snacks for the road.

Once you have thought of all the possible outcomes, sit back and relax on your vacation. Remember that you are planning ahead so you can enjoy this time with your family. Follow her on Facebook here

Get Checked before your Travel – Marie from Be Marie Korea

Before leaving the country and going on holidays, it is smart to get checked by the doctor and have a medical attest saying you are in a good condition to leave the country and travel with children. You don’t need to get a corona test to prove that you don’t have the Coronavirus, your medical attest from your doctor can say that you don’t have any of the corona symptoms.

For example, everyone coming into South Korea needs this medical attestation, otherwise, they can’t enter the country. It is wise to have it on you just in case anyone at immigration asks about it. The same counts for going back home. Try to visit a doctor in the country you are traveling and get a medical attest saying you don’t have any symptoms. Follow her Korea blog here


Refundable Tickets & Travel Insurance – Diana from Travels in Poland

How to travel with kids will be a question on everyone’s minds after the pandemic.  There will likely still be many issues not only with the risks of travel but even if there is a vaccine, there is no guarantee that it would prevent additional waves. The pandemic has definitely changed how people and families travel.

One of the best things to do when booking travel going forward is to get travel insurance and to book refundable tickets.  It is possible that there may be additional restrictions on airline travel in particular, as airlines will be aware of the fact that many people will want their tickets to be refundable.

Checking travel insurance policies of each individual airline and hotel and booking refundable tickets is a risk-averse way of going forward with travel.  This may be an additional cost to travelers, but in the end, it may be wise to insure against the risk of things getting canceled, hotels, or other places going out of business or even tour companies canceling due to lack of people signing up.  Insurance and refundable tickets are key to traveling as a family in the future

Use a Baby Carrier – Cate from Sacred Wanderings

Since small children can’t wear masks safely so it’s important to protect them by keeping them close to you or protected in a stroller. A rain cover for a stroller can serve as a barrier to germs.

One of the travel tips for kids that are very young is to use a baby or toddler carrier which is very easy to travel with and can keep baby safer by keeping them close to you! Carriers also make it very easy to navigate cobbled streets, narrow stairs, museums, and public transportation.

There are hundreds of options for carriers for any budget or price range. A ring sling is economical, easy to use for all ages, and rolls up small enough to fit in a purse.

A soft structured carrier can be more comfortable and a little simpler to use. Some brands that moms love include Baby Tula and Lenny Lamb. Make sure to purchase a soft structured carrier meant for infants if you intend to use if for a child under ~14 pounds.

Many parents choose forward-facing carriers (carriers that allow the baby to face the parents, looking out). Forward-facing carriers can be unsafe for children’s hips and overstimulating, so a high back carry (for kids over 6 months) is recommended for sightseeing.

Wearing baby in a carrier helps keep strangers from touching them and gives you more control over what the baby is exposed to. It’s a great choice for travel during and after Covid19 – and a great choice for family travel any day! Follow Cate on Instagram

Private Tours – Emily from Wander-Lush

One of the best family tips for a successful family trip post-pandemic is to try and avoid crowds. That doesn’t mean having to sacrifice on the must-sees, but you will need a different strategy if you want to avoid being in close proximity to large groups of people.

One of the easiest ways to avoid crowds when you travel is to choose a private tour over a conventional group tour. It could be a walking tour of a lesser-known neighborhood, a customized food experience, or a skip-the-line experience that eliminates the need to wait in a group to buy tickets.

Apart from being a good tactic to avoid other tourists, using a private guide is a great way to go beyond the ‘must-sees’ and discover the quieter, more local corners of a city and deepen your knowledge of the local culture. Hiring a local guide is an easy way to support the local economy.

Another perk as family travel tips is being able to set your own schedule. When you hire your own guide, you’ll usually have greater flexibility to choose your tour times so you can get out ahead of the masses, and plan your route to avoid the most crowded areas

Hiring a Camper Van – Ania from The Travelling Twins

Our travels, as many of yours got spoiled by Coronavirus. We were in the South of Italy  – Puglia when the lockdown was announced. We felt very safe as we were in our home on wheels – in our camper. We were self-sufficient, and we managed to get home without breaking any rules and kept social distancing. We basically drove constantly for a few days stopping only for fuel.

Now we are eagerly waiting when the European borders will open so we can travel again. And we are planning again to travel in our camper.

Why is camper perfect for traveling during and post-pandemic? The answer is simple. Being in a camper, we are self-sufficient, we have our car and our home with us. So there is no need for using public transport like buses, trains or airplanes. You can reach almost everywhere though it may take you longer. But who doesn’t like a good road trip?

By sleeping in a camper and traveling slowly, you can see more and this could be helpful if you are planning a family road trip on a budget.

Camper travel is great. You still can see the most amazing outdoor sites without risking contact with people or virus in the hotels, restaurants and/or airports


Opting for Local Staycations – Sharee from Inspire Family Travel

There is no denying that the Covid-19 pandemic has affected all industries, in particular, the travel and tourism industry. With travel of any kind coming to an abrupt halt this year, it has left a gaping hole in many economies. It also brings up an interesting topic of what travel, especially travel with children, will look like in the future and how will the Coronavirus shape our future travel plans.

Once we start easing back into traveling, I believe staycations will become a widespread trend. Staycations have grown in popularity over the years as they offer a chance to take some time out of our busy everyday schedule without venturing too far from home.

Local operators will be promoting staycations to bring in some much-needed income. Still, I also believe that travelers will be wanting to rediscover their backyards by choosing to stay in a local family accommodation instead of traveling out of town.

Naturally, people may be hesitant to book flights in the short term, so being able to drive to a destination will be a decisive factor for travelers. Staycations are also a great way for planning a family vacation on a budget as compared to an international or interstate trip.

For the most part, the travel costs are minimal as staying close to home reduces some of the big-ticket expenses. Staycations are something that can be taken over a weekend, take very little planning, and typically offer more flexibility to make changes.

With so many positives, I can see the staycation trend only becoming stronger after the Coronavirus

Nature-Based Activities – Ariana from World of Travels with Kids

As frequent family travelers, I always carefully plan out my itinerary so that there are kid-friendly activities every day.  By kid-friendly, I try to choose something that lets them run off steam, and be children…  In my experience this focus around their needs makes everything flow better.

My main go-to activity is finding a playground in the area we will be visiting and let them play for at least an hour! But, in the new coronavirus era, I’d be much more cautious of seeking out playgrounds.  In fact, I would avoid them altogether as they are obviously covered by little hands playing enthusiastically!

I am beginning to plan several trips with kids while looking at hiking trails, and nature-based activities as being the “kids energy release time.”  I’ll pack a ball or frisbee for parks, in order to keep their attention.  For the moment, I won’t be considering theme parks at all or even indoor places like aquariums or museums.

Traveling with kids and involving them in such activities also encourages them to learn and discover more about the place they are traveling to. Follow Ariana on Instagram

Focus on Road Trips – Anjali from Travel Melodies

Coronavirus pandemic has changed everything around us. It has compelled us to rethink everything from the way we live, eat, socialize, to travel. A blessing in disguise, the pandemic has given us a chance to correct and reshape our lives.

Talking about travel, It’s wise to prefer domestic travel over international or air travel to avoid being exposed to the risk of infection. Fear of the virus, of course, should not stop families from traveling. They should travel but closer to home.

As travel starts to pick up post-pandemic, and people plan a much-needed trip with family, I’d recommend them to stick to the domestic drive-to destinations for a while. It’s better to stay closer to their homes, even if the international borders open, to stay safe.

While exploring the places closer to home, you’ll be surprised how much your own backyard offers, which you’ve always taken for granted. It’ll be a refreshing change.

Besides, a road trip with the family is super fun. An open road, a clear blue sky, your favorite road trip songs playing, and wind in your hair – there’s nothing like a quintessential road trip, does it?

You’ll explore the world as before, but right now, you have to be patient with your travel plans. My family is ready to embrace the new normal. What about you?

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I hope these tips for traveling with kids has helped you plan for future travels. Where are you off to next? Let me know!

Until then, happy traveling! xx

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  1. Given the current situation involving restricted travel and the need for increased awareness of safety measures to prevent getting sick and avoid spreading the germs, I couldn’t agree more with all the suggestions and tips this informative post packs. Thanks for the reminder regarding packing essential travel medicine – it’s always good to have these on hand for those just-in-case scenarios. So true that playgrounds should be avoided at the moment, and rather experiencing the outdoors on hiking adventures is a much a better option. We have been enjoying hiking and exploring trails not too far from where we live and discovered so much that we had not even noticed earlier.

  2. These are some really great tips! I’ve been trying to do as many nature-centered activities as I can. Love the one about private guides! Hadn’t thought about that.

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  4. These are some awesome tips! I, myself, don’t have kids, but I’ve been using a lot of these to plan travel – especially booking hotels/flights with flexible cancellation policies (because I’ve had to cancel everything I’ve booked so far)!

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