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As everyone’s gearing up for New Year’s, the celebration also comes with deciding where to head with your loved ones.

I had the opportunity to dine at TRE last week, and I can assure you, this might be one of the places you might want to visit. The restaurant has three floors, in Nassima Royal Hotel. Located conveniently on Sheikh Zayed Road, it’s hard to miss while driving.


Picture courtesy: TRE

We were taken to the 49th floor, which boasts a beautiful view of the city. The 50th floor is the lounge and the 51st, a private dining area and a bar. The interiors speak volumes about how things work around there. Dimly lit, with clean, white tablecloths and candelabra, and a server to assist you when you require, you are surely treated as royalty.

While the service was impeccable, did we have the same to say about the taste? Let’s find out.

We ordered our drinks first, Candy Apple and a Passion fruit Mocktail. I preferred the former, it was made of green apples, lemon, rosemary and cherry syrup. It provided a nice sweet and sour flavour, without overly being on the sweet side. We also asked for a Berry Smash later, made from blueberry, lychee, lemon and raspberry. I would recommend the Candy Apple here.

The menu had quite interesting choices, not opting for the usual Italian pasta and pizza, we ordered a Mazzancolle Cesare, Burrata ( I can never have enough of this!), Branzino and Tender Filetto ( signature item)

Our Mazzancolle Cesare was presented on a huge plate. A salad with Roman lettuce, bread croutons, tiger prawns and crispy bacon. Surprisingly, there were only a few bacon strips and three tiger prawns on the plate ( there were two of us, they could have at least added an extra one!). I was shocked and wondered as to why they would serve it on such a large plate. Personally, I feel they should have named it a Lettuce Salad.

Our burrata was great! Served with tomatoes and lettuce, the figs were a good touch.


After a mediocre experience with the starters, we were served our mains. Branzino is sea bass with olives and eggplant. The wine sauce was promptly changed for us and what was presented was a lemon based sauce. This was perhaps my favourite dish of the evening. The fish was soft and cut through easily, the eggplant caponata went so well with the sea bass. This almost disappeared in minutes!


Tender Filetto was also a success. Black Angus beef, with vegetables and radish oil, served with foie gras sauce. This is perfectly named the signature dish. We asked our meat to be cooked medium well. Honestly, the portion was a bit too big, but this would be pretty good if you’re sharing. The beetroot with the veggies provided a subtle sweetish flavour that we loved.

With acoustic music playing in the background, we were enjoying our evening. Also, we were seated at a table right next to the stunning cityscape, which made me like the place even more.

Our dessert included a chocolate fondant with ice cream and the Cioccolato. The chocolate fondant was on point. Thick melted chocolate flows when you break the thin mould of the cake. A little warm on the inside with the coolness of ice cream made for a perfect ending.

Their signature Cioccolato was also not bad. It had chocolate truffles, aerated pistachio cake and a scoop of vanilla ice cream garnished with raspberries and blueberries. A nice change from my usual choice. The pistachio cake was soft and light, whereas the truffles and ice cream provided most of the sweet flavour. Berries added a nice taste too. This dessert would suit well for people who don’t prefer too sweet flavours.

To say that TRE served a good experience would be an understatement. Friendly and knowledgeable servers, a wonderful view with great food. What more does a person need? TRE also provides private dining areas for groups.

For reservations:

Telephone: +971 4 404 7700

Happy eating!
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