5 Things to do before going to Dubai Expo 2020

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Haven’t visited Expo2020 yet? This is your ultimate guide of things to do before visiting the biggest Dubai Expo 2020!

What is Expo 2020?

The concept of Expo 2020 is a worldwide exhibition hosted currently in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates from 1st October 2021 until 31st March 2022. Initially expected to be hosted in 2020, the Dubai Expo 2020 was postponed due to COVID19.

The Dubai Expo2020 is an outdoor exhibition and there is a lot of walking to do if you expect to cover at least a fourth of the space in one day. See below for what to do before visiting Expo 2020.

Things to do before going to Dubai Expo 2020

1. Get your Expo 2020 tickets

It’s very easy to buy tickets right from the official website of Expo 2020. Children until 18 years and senior adults over the age of 60 are exempt from tickets charges.

Adults from the ages of 18-59 have to get tickets that vary from daily, multi-day, and full-season passes. I recommend getting the season pass as it allows for more flexibility when visiting the site.

Bear in mind that you’d require at least 5-6 days of walking to cover everything! So, plan ahead and buy your tickets.

2. Get vaccinated or a PCR test

Along with your Dubai Expo 2020 ticket, you are asked to show your vaccinated status on the Al Hosn app or a negative PCR test. Prepare these in advance and have extra screenshots on your phone for a smooth entry.

3. Download the Expo 2020 app

For a planner like me, the Expo 2020 app was a dream come true! Not only do they have an entire map on the app but also provide linking your tickets to the app where you can enable Smart Queue.

To explain what this is, Smart Queue is a unique option to skip the waiting line outside pavilions. I used this for the UAE pavilion that had a wait time of almost 30 minutes and entirely skipped the queue!

Dubai Expo 2020 Saudi pavilion
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia pavilion at Expo 2020

4. Keep water and snacks handy

Since it’s mostly outdoors, your first goal is to keep yourself hydrated. Bring reusable bottles and refill them at water tanks located at various locations.

I also had some sandwiches and biscuits handy for my toddler who visited all days with us as sometimes it’s easier to distract a child with chocolate biscuits! It’s always better to pack light and dry food so you don’t face trouble carrying it.

5. Hire a Careem bike (optional)

If you’re afraid you can’t walk too long or want to cover specific pavilions that might be located quite far from each other, you can hire a Careem bike placed conveniently at the entrances. the charges are AED 20 for a full day and AED 75 per month. Download the Careem app for more details!

Here are my top 5 things to do before going to Dubai Expo 2020! A full guide to visiting UAE Expo 2020 will be coming up shortly.

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Until then, happy traveling! xx

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