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Last Updated on June 18, 2015 by hungryoungwoman

I had recently mentioned in my last post, about how I wanted to try the new dishes at Chili’s. So, I did just that when I had gone with my friends for lunch a few days back.

Chili’s, happens to be my favorite restaurant for comfort food. The place I usually visit when I want some mouth watering burgers, cheesy pastas or when I’m craving loads of chocolate.

So, we ordered a Tripple Dipper for appetizers. This dish can easily be shared by 3-4 people, and is priced at 59 AED. We are given a choice of selecting three appetizers from seven! We chose Honey Chipotle Chicken Crispers, Big Mouth Burger Bites and Boneless Buffalo Wings.


The chicken crispers dipped in honey were just perfect! There weren’t too sweet nor too savory. The burgers looked small, but were very filling. The beef patty inside was well cooked. The buffalo wings on the other hand were a bit mediocre, but appreciated by friends nevertheless.

Since we were already too full to order separate main dishes, we ordered two pastas and decided to share. A Chipotle Pesto pasta ( priced 65 AED ) and Smoked Chicken Jalapeno Mac and Cheese ( also priced 65 AED ) .They were served with garlic toast which were a delight to have, with the sauces served earlier in the starters. The Chipotle Pesto pasta was loved by my friend. Not too much cheese, since she isn’t a fan of it, with the delicious chipotle pesto sauce.


The Mac and Cheese on the other hand, had loads of Jalapenos! I, personally am a fan of those. The smoked chicken was cooked well and cut easily. (Unlike some places that have chicken that’s hard) The cheese was just the way I liked it, combined with the spiciness of jalapenos and soft smoked chicken, it was a winner! Definitely coming back for this one!


After these dishes, we were too full to have any desserts. But, as I make a check sign on my list, I mentally add the newly added Guacamole Burger and Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie from the menu to my list. Check this space for the review next time I visit Chili’s. 😉

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