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I’ve been visiting a lot of Italian restaurants lately. And like how “with experience comes knowledge”, I have learnt to distinguish between the authentic and the…not so authentic ones.

But the best part is when you get to meet the faces behind all the pretty pictures of the food. Italians are simple people, they like good food and like to live well. And Mr. Darius, owner of Hosteria, is exactly that.

Bresaola Con Rucola E Grana

The easiest way to identify a traditional Italian restaurant is when you can feel the calm vibes that come from its simple interiors and the friendly Italian servers. Mr. Darius joined us for lunch and was the perfect host. According to him, the authenticity of the restaurant can be best seen by the ethnicity of the people visiting. And we totally agree!

We started off with Donelli Premium Sparkling Juices, the best way to pair Italian food with. Mr. Darius decided to take charge and ordered for us and soon enough, a Burrata (AED 49), Bresaola and assorted pizzas (Funghi e Brie and Ricotta & Basilico; AED 47) were neatly arranged on our table. I am not a fan of Bresaola (AED 44), let me tell you that. But Mr. Darius assured me that this will leave me happy. And it did!

And the pizzas were crispy, yes they were. The crust was not soggy like the other places and the base actually stood straight till I finished my piece. Really.

Funghi Risotto

One course done, and Hosteria had already won me over with its simplicity and taste in each dish. A¬†Mushroom (AED 44) and Seafood Risotto (AED 44) and a Lasagna graced our table shortly after. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy the seafood risotto as much as I liked its mushroom variant. Mainly as it had a very fishy flavour. It’s seafood and it IS supposed to smell that way right? But this one immediately put me off.

Thankfully, the Lasagne Alla Bolognese (AED 44) was the star that day! Layers of pasta sheets and beef with bechamel and tomato sauce. Served warm and a hug to your stomach.

Chatting with Mr. Darius about Italy and its specialities, we almost lost track of time and soon it was time for some dessert. Suggested by the owner, a big slice of Tiramisu was brought in. For just AED 24, the serving portion is quite big. Airy, soft and creamy. Those were the exact words to describe this goodness! This is a must have!

A round of applause to the Chef, who happens to be Mr. Darius’ wife. Therefore all our meals¬†tasted wonderful and felt like they were made with love. The service is timely and knowledgeable too.

If I’m coming back: With good food at an affordable price, who wouldn’t want to come back? While I would love trying out the other dishes, Hungryoungwoman loved the pizzas, Lasagna and the Tiramisu. Definite highlights of the meal!

Until then, happy eating! xx
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