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We all have lists right? Things we want to achieve in a year’s time, or a week, or a month even. These goals can be either life changing, or simply things you want to do for no apparent reason. I’m the kind of person who has a list for everything. Birthdays ideas, places I want to visit, simple everyday to-do lists….and a food list. Yes, the foodie that I am, I have a list that keeps growing everyday.

I live in the United Arab Emirates. A country, that homes thousands of restaurants with wacky concepts, amazing food and beautiful locations that will never fail to amaze you. But now, strictly sticking to the food, here’s my list of the dishes I want to try. (Hopefully by the end of this year *fingers crossed*)

1. Tresind: I’ve seen the way they present dishes in this restaurant and Woah! I was taken aback. I love the way their chat trolley is presented. The other dishes look good too. This place has been doing quite well, even though it’s been a short while since it opened its doors. Tresind tries to bring a molecular gastronomy concept to the country with an Indian touch.


2. Vintage Chocolate Lounge: This is a chocolate lover’s heaven. Vintage Chocolate Lounge has tried bringing in varieties of dishes and converting them to their chocolate form, like the chocolate sushi rolls that I’d love to try. Another sought out dish is the Jewel Box. This contains a gold plated box melts when hot chocolate is poured over it, to reveal brownies and ice cream.


3. Kulfilicious: Located in Nahda, Dubai, not many people are aware of this place. It is famous for its Kulfis (An Indian ice cream) Since, I’ve had my fair share of kulfis throughout my life, I haven’t come across many pepper flavored ones. Yes, they have a pepper flavored kulfi! Also, I love the way they’ve decorated the place, giving it a nice beachy look.


4. Chili’s: Now, no one’s new to Chili’s. It actually happens to be my favorite restaurant. I can always go back when I’m craving their burgers and the popular, mouthwatering molten chocolate lava. Recently, Chili’s has introduced new dishes to its menu, some of the most appealing ones were, Smoked Chicken Jalapeno Mac and Cheese, Spicy Grilled Shrimp Tacos and the Caramel Apple Tart. These are some things that I’d love to try out. I’ve seen reviews that said they were delicious!

5. JF Street Food: As I was going through some of the blogs I follow, I came upon this restaurant (previously known as Just Falafel) that had introduced a new addition to its menu – the Shawurger. It is a hybrid of a shawarma and a burger. I’d love to try this soon as it’s only available till the 15th of June. (Click here to read the review from pebubbles).

So this was my list of the places that I’d be trying out soon! Check this space for more 🙂

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