Taking us to the streets of Europe – Mercato, DIFC

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I’d like to think of DIFC as an up and coming version of Citywalk. Chic and housing a number of well-known places to dine in Dubai. A recent visit led us to a hidden trattoria going by the name – Mercato.


We happened to visit on a weekend, when Mercato serves brunch until 6 PM which is such a relief for those who have late mornings. The brunch is set menu style and features a nice mix of breakfast items with their daily selection of pasta and pizza. As is the norm, I order a Cappucino before anything else, whilst my companion looks at me with a puzzled look. “Don’t you finish with coffee too?”, she asks. I nod my head. “That’s a lot of coffee for a meal”, she advises. Guess she doesn’t understand a person who can live on coffee alone…


Ignoring her, I read out our order to the smiling server; Il Panino stuffed with spinach and mushroom, Caprese Di Bufala [AED 45], Lasagne Alla Bolognese [AED 40], Pansotti in Salsa Di Noci [AED 45], and a Quattro Stagioni [AED 45]. Which arrives in appropriate time. While the sisters devours the pizza, I happily tuck into the Lasagne Alla Bolognese, which in my opinion is a beautiful marriage between beef ragu and bechamel. A comforting dish that I have craved ever since.

After a hearty brunch, we ask for dessert. Cause no meal is ever complete without one! The Tiramisu [AED 25] was indulgent, but with a tad too much cocoa powder dusted.


If we’re going back: Lasagne! For sure! That is one of the dishes that completely stood out for me, and I’d recommend it to anyone. In a heartbeat.

We also felt the Pansotti in Salsa di Noci (pasta filled with herbs, grana padano, and ricotta; served in a walnut sauce) was quite different from what we’ve tried before. The walnut based sauce not too heavy, nor bland, but a perfect balance between the sharp taste of herbs and creaminess of ricotta.

Have you experienced a dish worth remembering? Where do they serve your favorite Lasagne? Let me know your thoughts.

Until then, happy eating! xx

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