The Ultimate Bangkok Tour Guide under $1200 (AED 4300) for 2 people

After being back from the holidays, and visiting some great Bangkok tourist spots, I have compiled a Bangkok tour guide for anyone looking to travel to Thailand.

This guide has all the details for the best area to stay in Bangkok, places to see, and the things to do in Bangkok in 3 days.

If you’re staying for a shorter while, do check out this budget Bangkok itinerary for 2 days. Continue reading “The Ultimate Bangkok Tour Guide under $1200 (AED 4300) for 2 people”

Why You Should Visit Benjarong

I haven’t been too active with my writing lately, I agree. But this one needed to be written. If you fancy Thai food, Benjarong should surely be on your list. Here’s why: Continue reading “Why You Should Visit Benjarong”

Thai, Chinese, or Both?

This post is coming in a little later than usual, but I thought the timing could be perfect as Ramadan is just over and you can start planning where to head for brunch/lunch soon? 🙂

Located among the throng of restaurants at Wafi, Thai Chi serves Thai and Chinese cuisines for a lover of both Asian fares. Continue reading “Thai, Chinese, or Both?”