The Coffee Club – Wasl Vita, Jumeirah

Located in Wasl Vita, in a quaint little corner is The Coffee Club. Walk in, and you’re met with the delicious scent of coffee wafting around the café. First impressions always matter, and I decide I’m going to fall in love with this place. Continue reading “The Coffee Club – Wasl Vita, Jumeirah”


Dining at Ronda Locatelli

This wasn’t our first time at Atlantis, The Palm, we are no strangers to its impeccable hospitality and its grand aura, yet every visit is always like the first time.

This time we were dining at Ronda Locatelli, which is under the acclaimed Michelin star Chef Giorgio Locatelli. Swatches of brown and orange decorate the place, and the ambiance is somewhat still and a little uncomfortable. Fortunately, the weather is pleasing outside and we decide to settle there. Continue reading “Dining at Ronda Locatelli”

Jack of All, Master of None – Lakeview

Winter is finally here. I can finally rejoice the chilly mornings and warm nights in with coffee. It is also the time of the year when restaurants find most of their guests seated outdoors.

Which is why I was looking forward to my dinner at Lakeview where I was invited to try their international buffet starting from 7 PM.

Lakeview boasts an alfresco dining area with a stunning view of the creek. Placed outside is also a buffet section with live stations featuring a variety of cuisines.

We ordered our drinks and headed to the buffet. Walking through the area, I could see a salad bar, some live grills, and a mixture of Indian and Arabic food. They also had a live station for pasta, fried rice and Peking duck. And finally, the dessert counter.



The starters included cold cuts, not in the mood for that, I served some salads for myself. I also checked out the mains which seemed quite mediocre. As I got back to my table, I noticed our drinks still weren’t served. And this was after good 20-25 minutes. Even asking a waiter for water proved difficult as they behaved like they were wearing blinkers.


The live grill served kebabs, grilled prawns and some meat. This was quite good compared to the main course, so good that I kept going back for more. We also asked for a Pasta Alfredo and fried rice. While the pasta was too bland, the latter dish made up for it. The Peking Duck rolls with the suggested sauce were good too.

After a while, I noticed some cats next to our table that wouldn’t budge. Since calling a server was not an option (read above), we tried to shoo them away ourselves. Now, I’m all about being nice to animals and am a cat lover myself. But, cats roaming around in this area was quite shocking to see. Our server finally turned up and tried to get them away. “These are the pets of the people from the residence area” was the answer. Apparently, these cats just show up at people’s tables while they’re dining. No comments on this.


The dumplings were just the worst I’ve had honestly. I don’t even think they were properly steamed as the covering was raw in some places.


Next, heading to the dessert counter was something I was looking forward to. I really liked their chocolate brownies and cake. The fruit pudding was also quite good.

Overall, Lakeview serves a very average meal. I don’t know if it was just a bad day, or maybe they serve a different affair for other themes. Nevertheless, the live station and dessert counter stood out and provided some better memories of the experience.

Until next time…

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For The Ramen Lover Inside You -Wagamama

Since I’m not much exposed to the Japanese cuisine, keeping aside the maki rolls, I decided to visit the newly opened branch of Wagamama. Located in Golden Mile, Palm Jumeirah, the restaurant chain offers Japanese-inspired food in a fast food chain setting.


The outlet has large tables and shelves displaying their ingredients. As we walked into the busy place, we were greeted by the manager who helped us pick a table and settle for the evening.


Wagamama serves fresh fruit juices with mixtures such as passion fruit, orange and apple. I personally felt that the apple flavour was lost somewhere between the citric fruits. While the other drink (Kiwi, avocado and apple) was perfect. Subtle flavours of apple and kiwi in a creamy juice.



We started our meal with some of the recommended items such as Ebi Katsu, Duck Gyoza and Prawn Kushiyaki.


The Ebi Katsu was bang on! Crispy on the outside due to the breadcrumbs and a chilli sauce on the side that complemented it well. Too good. I forgive it for being too oily.


I don’t prefer duck much, so the Duck Gyoza was received with a satisfactory response.


Going through their menu, we were spoilt for choice with the number of varieties present for ramen. We chose a lamb based one. Well cooked. Though a bit chewy, we licked our plate clean.


Our next order was the Chicken Katsu Curry with steamed rice. This was fantastic and was finished in minutes! The chicken was crunchy and went quite well with the flavor that the curry provided. They served a little salad on the side too, so you don’t feel guilty after having fried chicken. 😛

We finished off with a Chocolate Fudge Cake and a White Chocolate and Ginger Cheesecake.



While the chocolate cake tasted mediocre, it was definitely better than the ginger cheesecake, which had almost no taste of the ingredient mentioned. The dessert has scope for improvement, though, if the ginger taste can be taken up a notch higher. Balance that with the said toffee sauce on the side, and you have the perfect dessert!

Wagamama also serves the beloved Mochi ice cream which was sadly done with by the time I ordered it. Nevertheless, I am sure I will be visiting soon to try the other choices of ramen they serve.

Hungryoungwoman recommends the Ebi Katsu, Duck or Chicken Gyoza, Ramen of your choice and the Chicken Katsu Curry.

Until next time…

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5 Things you HAVE to Try in Chennai….

As my vacation to Chennai, India comes to end, I decided to take this opportunity to compile a list of five things that you cannot miss while you’re here. Chennai, the capital of the state Tamil Nadu, has seen a lot of development when it comes to food. What I experienced when I visited this time, was a land of foodies. Every place I went to, was a different experience altogether. And what’s best? They try to incorporate all this including the culture and traditions of the country. Continue reading “5 Things you HAVE to Try in Chennai….”

#BuffetsAreGoodForHealth – Iftar at Manzil Downtown Dubai

Iftars in Dubai during the month of Ramadan are a common affair. While some may be with humble offerings, some choose to offer a rather lavish spread. One such place was the Manzil Downtown Dubai by Vida Resorts. I was invited there for Iftar last week, and I’m glad I accepted. The hotel, upon entering was beautiful. Inspired by Arabic interiors, they have gorgeous chandeliers and an entrance that one just can’t miss! Continue reading “#BuffetsAreGoodForHealth – Iftar at Manzil Downtown Dubai”

An Italian Heaven at Per Te

Per Te, meaning “for you” in Italian is a cozy little restaurant tucked away in Jumeirah, Dubai. Villa no. 54 to be exact. From the interiors, I was reminded of the countless pictures I’ve seen of Italy. Though I haven’t been there personally, I’ve had quite an experience with its food. I was recently invited for iftar by a very kind, Ms. Kaye Capistrano, to sample their Iftar set menu.



The place is quite beautifully done. With French windows on the outside, and comfortable interiors, it provides a homely atmosphere. Spread over 3000 sq ft, the restaurant offers a cafe, a dining area with an open kitchen, a store that sells their pasta, espresso and chocolate while also providing an alfresco terrace seating.





Moving on to the food, the Ramadan menu consisted of Jallab, Rose Milk or Rooh Afza for drinks. We chose a Jallab (An Arabic drink made with dates, grape mollases and rose water) and a Rose Milk. Though I enjoyed the latter, the Jallab was a disappointment. Mainly, as there was a lot of crushed ice which made the drink watery.


We were also served a fruit platter with dates, that I enjoyed thoroughly. Nothing is better than some drinks and fruits to break your fast. Soon enough, we were served their bread platter with three dips. Namely, Hummus, Muhammara sauce (my favorite among the three) and Arriabetta sauce. The breads were freshly made and soft. I even saved up some for the soup that was served next – A comforting lentil soup with mushroom tortellini.




Next, up, we had the Antipasti. This had a few hits and misses from me, mainly as I personally did not prefer some of its contents. To name a few, it consisted of burratta cheese, Arancini stuffed with spinach and Feta cheese, fried mozzarella, grilled prawns with turkey bacon, lamb liver skew, wine leaves stuffed with rice, caponata alla siciliana, and stuffed chicken supreme.While I wasn’t a big fan of the bresaola, chicken liver pate and the lamb liver skew, I enjoyed the rest. 🙂



For mains, I ordered a Grilled Beef Tournedos Steak with creamy mushroom sauce and traditional jarjir salad, while my companion chose a Sicilian style Seafood Stew served with Tunisian Couscous. My food palette consisted of four pieces of well-done steak, with an amazing creamy mushroom sauce and a salad that complemented it well. The meat could have been better cooked according to me since it was a bit chewy.


Coming to the other main course, we opted for shrimps and fish in our seafood stew. This dish deserves a ten on ten! The shrimps tasted good and the fish wasn’t bad either. The couscous also contained bits of potatoes, tomatoes, and asparagus.

The main course also consists of other options such as lamb and chicken.


While we were already too full with all the delicious food we were served with, we HAD to have dessert. How could we not? And when I saw my dessert arrive, I was beyond ecstatic! I loved the way it was arranged. It was one of those things that’s just too pretty to eat. The Dates Semifreddo consisted of layers of the half frozen ice cream, made with gelato produced in-house, topped with a dates syrup. The decos on the side were wonderfully carved meringues! I would visit Per Te surely for this one again! 😀




Coming to the service of the restaurant, it was impeccable! The servers were friendly and welcomed us warmly. The manager, Mr. Anushka Pradeep assisted us well and even asked us for our feedback from time to time.


Great atmosphere, friendly staff, a talented kitchen team, what more can you ask for when you want to kick back your shoes and relax in an Italian heaven?

For details, contact: +97143446455

Disclaimer: Though I was a guest at Per Te, my opinions remain unbiased.

Until next time. xx

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Not “Just” Salads!

What do you do when you’re on a diet and are looking for healthy options? You pop into Just Salad of course! Or, you’re feeling too full after dinner last night and want something that’s low in calories? Just Salad again!

And mind you, this restaurant does not just offer salads, they have other delicious dishes like wraps, soups and smoothies! If you’re a picky eater, you get to make your own salad or wrap! Now, isn’t that just great? 😀

Just Salad has three branches in Dubai. Located in Business Bay, Jumeirah Lake Towers and in Boxpark. The owner, Mr. Namir Hourani, was very kind to let me taste their new dishes. I was offered a salad, a wrap, soup and a smoothie of my choice.

Looking through the rather large variety, I was left confused. After much consideration, I settled for a Chipotle Cowboy Salad with Chipotle Vinaigrette dressing, Smokehouse Steak Wrap, their weekly special soup and a Strawberry Banana Smoothie.


I first tried the Chipotle Cowboy Salad ( priced at AED 45 ) without its dressing, to get the actual taste. And to be honest, I preferred it that way. I found the salad dressing a bit too sour for my taste. The salad, on its own, was good. It had grilled chicken, avocado, romaine lettuce, chunks of cheddar cheese, black beans, sprinkled with crunchy onions.


Coming to my favorite, the Smokehouse Steak Wrap. This wrap was quite huge. Priced at AED 44, you wouldn’t expect anything less from it. Upon opening its wrapper, I was delighted to find that it was cut in two halves. This made it easier to eat. Containing romaine lettuce, charbroiled chicken, black beans, corn and feta cheese, all wrapped together, the Smokehouse Steak Wrap expects a very hungry customer, and that I was. But due to it being rather generous in size, I couldn’t finish it.


I’m not really a soup lover, hence, this soup didn’t quite amaze me. My weekly special soup ( AED 15 for small, and 22 for large ) was liked by dad, though.

To finish off with my huge meal, I had a Strawberry Banana Smoothie ( AED 24 ). Now, this is a great drink to beat the heat. It’s sweet, but not in an overpowering way. Sipping from it, I could taste the seeds of strawberries with a hint of banana. The smoothie is large but healthy.


A special mention to the service of Just Salad. They have a very polite and helpful staff. Mr. Krishna, the operations manager, was very kind to help us with our delivery needs.

Just Salad is a great place to come to when you want something light. A perfect place for the fitness conscious people! They also provide home and office deliveries close to their branches. This restaurant definitely deserves a 4.5/5!

I will be coming back soon for their wraps and smoothies! 😀



Disclaimer: Though I was a guest at Just Salad, my reviews remain unbiased.

Until then, happy eating! xx

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A Taste Of Punjab! – New Sind Punjab

Tucked away in the old side of Dubai, what you see from the outside is entirely different from the inside. The saying, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, stands true here. New Sind Punjab has two locations in Dubai. The branch I visited was in Al Karama. From the exteriors, you’d think that this is a basic restaurant, but when you enter you’re actually surprised. The restaurant has two floors, the lower one serves bachelors mostly. ( I’m assuming this as there were just men having lunch downstairs ). We were taken to the upper floor which is usually reserved for family. The top floor is spacious and comfortable, with dim lights. It had a pleasant and soothing ambiance, again this might be as we were the only ones present at the time.


As we scanned the menu, I noticed that the prices here are very affordable and are quite light on the pocket. We ordered a butter chicken, reshmi kebab, chole bathure, with butter naans and parathas. A special mention to the server here, he was very helpful and suggested us what to order. Also, Chole Bathure is a breakfast meal, but he requested the chef to prepare it for us since we asked for it.


Coming to the food, the butter chicken, upon arriving, seemed average. The butter chicken is supposed to have a tinge of sweet flavoring to it, which was missing. When pointed out to our server, he immediately brought us a newly prepared one! This one tasted creamy, tasty and also had the right amount of sweetness!


The Reshmi Kebab was not as expected and came off as a little dry, which proved difficult in having it. The Chole Bathure is a combination of pooris and chickpeas curry. While the pooris were soft, and not too oily, the curry was equally good to have. It also reminded me of the times I’ve had chole bathure in my childhood.



The parathas were good. Nothing much to rave about, they are like the ones you’d get in any household of an Indian family. The butter naans, on the other hand, were delicious. In this case, the more butter, the merrier. 😉  They were served with a good amount of butter, which will have me gaining a few of those inessential calories…

Overall, Sind Punjab provides a good competition to most of the high end Indian restaurants out there, which might be appealing to the eyes, but not too good taste-wise. It also is quite pocket friendly and can be rightly known a true hidden gem of Dubai. I know I will be coming back soon to try their famous biryani and chicken tikka!

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