The City Brunch – Hilton Dubai AHC

We love brunch, not denying that at all. Especially those that are affordable. Continue reading “The City Brunch – Hilton Dubai AHC”

The Coffee Club – Wasl Vita, Jumeirah

Located in Wasl Vita, in a quaint little corner is The Coffee Club. Walk in, and you’re met with the delicious scent of coffee wafting around the café. First impressions always matter, and I decide I’m going to fall in love with this place. Continue reading “The Coffee Club – Wasl Vita, Jumeirah”

Does Meat N’ Fish offer a Mediterranean taste?

The onset of winter is the perfect excuse to start dining al fresco and we’ve come up with a perfect location for one of those late lunches out! Boxpark is home to a lot of homegrown ventures, joining these is the newly opened Meat n’ Fish which promises to offer a blend of Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, and Greek cuisines.  Continue reading “Does Meat N’ Fish offer a Mediterranean taste?”

Brunch Review: Accents -Intercontinental, Dubai Marina

We are suckers for brunch on weekends. It gives us an excuse to wake up late and spend those lazy hours eating. There’s a whole page dedicated to brunch spots in Dubai, which you can visit here.

So last weekend, we headed to the Funusual Brunch at Accents, Intercontinental Hotel. The brunch promises multi cuisine food on display, some live stations, and booze, of course, like how the meal is done here. All for a price of AED 445. (AED 295 for soft beverages is the one we opted for) Continue reading “Brunch Review: Accents -Intercontinental, Dubai Marina”

Does The Collective prove more than just a buffet?

Another post that was long overdue, and I think I am highly in need of another meal here. The Collective, located in Grand Hyatt, Dubai is a fairly new place offering an all day buffet. Continue reading “Does The Collective prove more than just a buffet?”

Iftar At The Constellation Ballroom – The Address, Dubai Marina

The Constellation Ballroom at The Address, Dubai Marina is probably the most underrated place in Dubai. Most find it helpful to rant/gloat about an experience on Zomato, however, I find just a handful of reviews for the place.

Shades of orange, pink and purple cover the ceiling and bathe the ballroom giving it a divine look. The entrance is lined with a red carpet making the guest feel royal, while the ballroom is decorated like a food bazaar. Continue reading “Iftar At The Constellation Ballroom – The Address, Dubai Marina”

Iftar at Lafayette Gourmet

I usually keep to myself and family during Ramadan and try to not over indulge in outside food. Cause spending time with family and friends is what iftars are about right? And what better way to do this than home cooked food? Continue reading “Iftar at Lafayette Gourmet”

An Eggceptional Easter at Giardino, Palazzo Versace

Sometimes I think back to how it all began. I had no idea what I was doing when I started blogging around 10 months ago. Not that I know everything now, but since it has been almost a year, I do happen to know a bit. Continue reading “An Eggceptional Easter at Giardino, Palazzo Versace”

Welcoming the New Year at Handi, Jood Palace

2015 saw a lot of people ending the year spending quiet time in with close ones. I had a different end altogether, or a start if you’d like to call it that way.

Jood Palace Hotel, located in Al Rigga, held a wonderful New Year’s Eve dinner. With three restaurants, of different cuisines, coming together for one massive buffet section consisting of Indian, Japanese, Italian and Middle Eastern food. The dessert area was even more impressive, and occupied a large room.

A bit overwhelming seeing so much food at one go, but I took up a challenge within myself to try all of them. I mean, almost all. Seated inside the Indian restaurant, Handi, we were first welcomed with drinks. A chocolate milkshake and an orange juice. decked up in colours of gold and brown, Handi looked all prepared for the New Year. There were also some live singers who helped brighten the atmosphere.

The buffet featured live stations for each cuisine, we started with Italian, where we tried fresh Pesto Pasta delivered to our table.Chicken, cheese and white sauce helped enhance taste, while the main flavour; pesto, seemed to be missing.

The highlights of the Indian section were the Chaat area, live biryani station and tikkas. While the teppanyaki, Shawarma counter and Roast Turkey and Chicken were outstanding from the Japanese and Middle Eastern sections respectively.


The last course was definitely the best looking. Tables and tables of sweets arranged. Some cakes, some from the Indian and other divisions. My favourites were the little shot glasses of mousse in different flavours. I also liked the Tiramisu and Chocolate cake. (Click here for video)


Ending the year on a memorable and a wonderful note. Jood Palace Hotel also sent me a cake home for my birthday that fell on 2nd of January. A sweet gesture really. Would love to come back to try the other restaurants separately next time.

Till then, happy eating! xx
Handi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

A Brunch To Remember – Nine7One, The Oberoi

Still in the festive spirit? Want to take your family and friends somewhere they’ll remember? Look no further! The Street Art Brunch is here to impress all your close ones.

Setting standards high even before you enter, Nine7One is located at The Oberoi, Business Bay. Displaying a beautiful array of all things delicious, the brunch is hosted every Friday (1 PM to 4 PM) Continue reading “A Brunch To Remember – Nine7One, The Oberoi”