10 Things to do in Ahmedabad: Local Sightseeing

Ahmedabad is located in Gujarat, a western state of India and famous for textile trading. While it’s not usually on the list of places to visit in India, it sure is a great place to visit underrated tourist attractions and indulge in street food! If you are planning a trip to India and would like to visit a new state, here are 10 things to do for your Ahmedabad local sightseeing tour. Continue reading “10 Things to do in Ahmedabad: Local Sightseeing”

How to Plan a One Day Trip to Agra: Places to see, Food to try, and Agra Itinerary

Agra is a city in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh state, home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal. Although Taj is the primary reason people come to visit Agra, there are other sights worth seeing in Agra. Conveniently, these are all near the Taj Mahal and can be seen in one day. Read on for a perfect self-guided Agra itinerary for a one day trip to Agra. Continue reading “How to Plan a One Day Trip to Agra: Places to see, Food to try, and Agra Itinerary”

Cleo’s Grill And Cafe – Chennai, India

My search for a multi cuisine restaurant in Chennai, Tamil Nadu lead me to Cleo’s, a cozy hideaway located in Adyar. One of my main requirements for dining out is a place that is open till late, and Cleo’s does that. They were open at about 11 PM (the time we arrived). Continue reading “Cleo’s Grill And Cafe – Chennai, India”