For Lazy Days – Paavo’s Pizza

Although I’ve tried Paavo’s Pizza before and didn’t LOVE it, I still seem to be going back. One, there’s a branch just five minutes from my place which makes it an AMAZING option to order in. And two, they allow half and half of different flavours on a pizza making it an immediate favourite of my family with different tastes. Continue reading “For Lazy Days – Paavo’s Pizza”

For Lazy Days – Paavo’s Pizza

It’s been less than six months, and Paavo’s Pizza has opened up six branches. It has also been running successfully I hear, the reviews on Zomato have shown an overwhelming response to the pizzas that get ready in 5 minutes. Maybe this is the selling point of Paavo’s.

One lazy night, I decided to order in pizzas from the nearest branch available. Since, the have an option where you can have half of one type and half of the other, I chose a BBQ Chicken and Paavo’s Finest. My other flavor was the Meat Paavo. And since every meal HAS to end with something sweet, I ordered in a Chocolate Pizza.


These were freshly delivered to my house in about 20 minutes. The aroma of freshly baked bread was amazing and left our mouths watering. Examining the pizza, I noticed that it is quite thin crusted. My request to add in extra cheese wasn’t really fulfilled as I could almost see no cheese present. Coming to the taste, I preferred the Meat Paavo better. Being a fan of beef and barbecue sauce, this pizza was a delight to have. Although it could have done with more cheese, I feel the crust wouldn’t have been able to carry much of its toppings.


While our previous dish was meaty, our next was filled with veggies. Green peppers, olives, roasted onions with chicken and a hint of barbecue sauce. It was a play on our taste-buds. A good one that too.


While I have good things to say about the dishes above, the Nutella Pizza sadly differs from them. The chocolate was accompanied with sugar syrup and fruits, being banana and strawberry. Since I don’t prefer fruits in my dessert, I had them without those. Also, keeping them out for a while made the chocolate runny, which I didn’t like. Should try the Apple Pie next time.

Overall, Paavo’s Pizza is a good take away option. But personally, I feel that there are better ones that serve thicker crusts pizzas with more options as toppings. I would recommend the Meat Paavo for beef and barbecue lovers.

Until next time. xx

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Disclaimer: Though I was a guest at Paavo’s Pizza, all opinions expressed are my own and they stand honest and unbiased.

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