Dining In The Dark – Noire, Fairmont

Dubai is not unfamiliar with unique serving techniques. We’ve seen quirky combinations, the food trucks making an entry, trending avocado on toast and smoothie bowls, the lotus craze…well, the list goes on.

While these have become common to this city, we were recently made aware of the concept of dining in the dark which piqued our interest. How does one eat without the knowledge of where their dish is placed? What if we spill our drink, or worse, leave the restaurant only to find spots and stains on us? These thoughts buzz around our minds as we make our way to Noire – located in Fairmont Hotel. 

We head to level 9 and are ushered to a dim lounge area where we’re given our welcome drinks and explained the concept of the restaurant. The fun part is, you get to play a guessing game with the dishes as you have no idea of what’s going to be served to you. Of course, dietary requirements and allergies are asked upon booking and I chose ingredients that are safe for the pregnant.

Our group is gathered and we all head into the dark restaurant, hands on each other’s shoulders. The room is pitch black and my first impulse is to find a light source, however, there is none. I feel a bit claustrophobic, but make peace with the surroundings as I hear others feeling the same. The waiters move around wearing special night vision glasses and are present whenever you need them.

The meal starts with an appetizer, continues with the main course, and ends with a dessert. A palate cleanser is also present, along with wine pairings for those who drink.

The hour and a half come to an end, after which, we’re headed towards the same lounge we made an entrance upon. This time, the Chef is present with the dishes served in front of him. Finally, we could see what we had eaten! 

The Chef explains each dish and how they excellently combined different ingredients making it hard for guests to guess.

My end thoughts on this experience were how people lead lives this way, dependant on only the sense of touch, taste, hear, and smell. We take things for granted since we’re blessed with them since birth, but there are some who aren’t so lucky.


If we’re going back: We feel experiencing this concept at least once in your lifetime is a must! If you’re taking someone out on a date who takes an interest in food, this might not be the place. However, the experience encourages communication and we didn’t touch our phones through the entire meal! What an achievement!

Price: AED 325 per person

Bonus: You also learn how good you’re with guessing ingredients! I’d say we were a 4.5 on 5 🙂

Have you experienced dining in the dark? What did you feel about the concept? Let me know your thoughts… 

For bookings and reservations: Click here

Until then, happy eating! xx

Note: Picture Courtesy – Noire

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