11 Best Airports for Layover by Top Travelers

Layovers are not an easy thing. Imagine being stuck in the airport, having to exchange just enough currency to spend for a mere few hours, and not having a comfortable place to sleep in the middle of the night. Scary. This guide on the best airports for layover is the perfect reason where you should decide to have an airport layover the next time you travel. Continue reading “11 Best Airports for Layover by Top Travelers”

Best Places to Visit in Dubai during Coronavirus

How many of us already missing sitting in an airplane? Me! While travel does not seem to be on the cards at the moment, there are a number of alternatives you can look at when you think of things to do in Dubai. I have compiled the best places to visit in Dubai during Coronavirus which will ensure you are safe and also, not breaking any laws. Continue reading “Best Places to Visit in Dubai during Coronavirus”

22 Romantic Places in the World for Your Next Vacation

Let’s face it, the Coronavirus has caused many of you to cancel your travel plans this year. While some have been easily refunded, others like me have tried hard to get our bookings refunded. I know, that once the virus has a cure, world happenings will resume and so will travel plans. Therefore, here’s a fantastic list of romantic places in the world for you to wanderlust about while you’re stuck at home. Continue reading “22 Romantic Places in the World for Your Next Vacation”

Coronavirus Travel: How to Get a Refund for Travel?

Okay, so the world is panicking right now. And yes, for solid reasons. “Coronavirus travel” seems to be the new trending word in travel communities and everyone is wondering how to get a refund for travel plans that have been made in advance. Continue reading “Coronavirus Travel: How to Get a Refund for Travel?”

Staycation at The Meydan Hotel, Dubai

If you thought there are no bounds to luxury in Dubai, you were wrong. The Meydan Hotel is a Dubai hotel near the racecourse. In fact, the view of the suites is of the racetrack where you can enjoy live races right from the terrace of your room! Talk about luxury! Continue reading “Staycation at The Meydan Hotel, Dubai”