What to Bring to a Trip to Europe for Any Season

Big news: I just bought my tickets to Italy and I am so excited! With all the research I have been doing about where to stay and what to see there, the biggest task just dawned on me: PACKING. I loathe packing and would rather have someone do it for me. Unfortunately, I am not blessed with heaps of money nor do I like someone else in control of my things so this won’t happen anytime soon. But, I’ve discovered the only way is to strategize and organize so I don’t end up missing anything. This is why I have decided to write a detailed guide on exactly what to bring to a trip to Europe and guess what? You can use this for any season! Continue reading “What to Bring to a Trip to Europe for Any Season”

10 Common Travel Scams (and How To Avoid Them) Around the World

We read about the best destinations to travel, instagrammable spots around the world, and hear about awesome stories shared by our friends about their travels. But, once you are in the country, you fall prey to a scam that no one warned you about! What most people won’t say, I’ll tell you with the help of some fellow travel bloggers who share their experiences of 10 common travel scams and how to avoid them. Continue reading “10 Common Travel Scams (and How To Avoid Them) Around the World”

15 Best European Destinations in February

There is just something about winter that makes me want to curl up in a blanket with hot coffee AND also plan for traveling at the same time! Are you the same? Not only does the season have lots of events but also it’s the perfect time to head abroad to make use of the holidays! Here are the best European destinations in February to visit for couples, families, and some are good for solo travelers too. Continue reading “15 Best European Destinations in February”

19 Best Food Cities in Europe for Every Food Lover

I love to explore and write about food. I think it is something that’s just within me. To such heights, that I also sometimes plan my travels based on the food I am going to try there. I’m sure most of you must have been to some part of Europe, but have you wondered which are the best food cities in Europe? Continue reading “19 Best Food Cities in Europe for Every Food Lover”