“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy Chocolate”

Late night archives call for huge amounts of chocolate. There’s just something about the bar that takes you from feeling low to happy in a second. And while we’re dealing with deadlines, stress, and all the bad things in our lives, some chocolate doesn’t hurt, right?

And that is exactly why we have collaborated with an online premium chocolate seller – ChocoLak to fulfill all your chocolatey desires! Continue reading ““You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy Chocolate””


An Eggseptional Easter at Giardino, Palazzo Versace

Sometimes I think back to how it all began. I had no idea what I was doing when I started blogging around 10 months ago. Not that I know everything now, but since it has been almost a year, I do happen to know a bit. Continue reading “An Eggseptional Easter at Giardino, Palazzo Versace”

The Art of Brunch – Fountain, Movenpick Hotel

I love afternoon brunches. It’s a great time to settle down with family and catch up with their lives, something which is so hard nowadays considering how everybody is turning into a workaholic! Continue reading “The Art of Brunch – Fountain, Movenpick Hotel”

A Cheesy Meal – Maward Patisserie, Uptown Mirdif

Let me tell you a story. A beautiful story about chocolate and cheese, who strived to be together but couldn’t until they were joined in the kitchen of Maward Patisserie. Continue reading “A Cheesy Meal – Maward Patisserie, Uptown Mirdif”

Superhero Brunch at Mazina -Address Hotel Dubai Marina

This wasn’t my first time visiting Address Dubai Marina, but this place still wows me. The interiors, plush seating, kind staff and the squeaky clean floors speak volumes about the hotel. Continue reading “Superhero Brunch at Mazina -Address Hotel Dubai Marina”

Maple and Hot Chocolate Overnight Oats

Valentine’s came by a few days ago. Though I didn’t have any plans, I enjoyed the day working on not one, but two overnight oats recipes! You all know my love for oats and how they are so versatile and can be added to almost anything. Continue reading “Maple and Hot Chocolate Overnight Oats”

Chocolate and Willy Wonka at Kambaa

The weather in Dubai is just cooling down and what I love more than being outdoors is, being able to settle down with a nice cup of Hot Chocolate or Coffee. Don’t we love those days when all you can think of is indulging in chocolate?

Continue reading “Chocolate and Willy Wonka at Kambaa”

Partylicious with Willie’s Cacao, 2015

We all know about Candylicious in Dubai Mall. I usually make a stop there just to admire all the chocolate and their decor. There’s a good news for the candy lovers, Candylicious has opened a new unit called Partylicious where you can exclusively host parties and meet ups! Exciting right? Continue reading “Partylicious with Willie’s Cacao, 2015”

Flavor of the Month – CHOCOLATE!

Okay, so I know I’m a bit late for this post. Flavor of the month’s rules state that it should be posted at the start of every month. But, oh well, rules are meant to be broken right? 😉


Since the flavor of this month is chocolate, which happens to be my favorite by the way, I decided to make Chocolate Fudge Pops.

Close to chocolate truffles, but aren’t them.

The ingredients are pretty easy and also readily available in every household.

All you need is:

Some leftover chocolate cake. You can also do with stale muffins that you don’t feel like having anymore.

Condensed Milk

Some biscuits dipped in strong coffee

2 tsps strong coffee (For taste)

Toppings of your choice. (For garnishing)

All you have to do is crush the cake/muffins and add the other ingredients to a bowl. Mix thoroughly and shape the dough into little balls with your hands.

You can also use nutty biscuits if you like to have it crunchy.

Lastly, roll your little Chocolate Fudge Pops into your favorite toppings. Some of them can be cornflakes or chopped nuts of your choice.

Get creative! I decided to use some of the toppings available at home.


Chocolate Fudge Pops are a great snack loved by adults and children alike. They are colorful, fun and even reduce wastage! The best part is, that it’s all made using ingredients at home!

Have fun creating these and enjoy! 😀


Until next time. xx