Chocolate Trifle: The Easiest Chocolate Dessert Ever

Although I love chocolate cakes, I think this is my first chocolate recipe on the blog. Yayy to that! A Chocolate Trifle doesn’t necessarily need a recipe, it’s just something anyone can whip up at home. Continue reading “Chocolate Trifle: The Easiest Chocolate Dessert Ever”

An Eggceptional Easter at Giardino, Palazzo Versace

Sometimes I think back to how it all began. I had no idea what I was doing when I started blogging around 10 months ago. Not that I know everything now, but since it has been almost a year, I do happen to know a bit. Continue reading “An Eggceptional Easter at Giardino, Palazzo Versace”

The Art of Brunch – Fountain, Movenpick Hotel

I love afternoon brunches. It’s a great time to settle down with family and catch up with their lives, something which is so hard nowadays considering how everybody is turning into a workaholic! Continue reading “The Art of Brunch – Fountain, Movenpick Hotel”

Mazina, Address Dubai Marina

This wasn’t my first time visiting Address Dubai Marina, but this place still wows me. The interiors, plush seating, kind staff, and the squeaky clean floors speak volumes about the hotel. Continue reading “Mazina, Address Dubai Marina”

Maple and Hot Chocolate Overnight Oats

Valentine’s came by a few days ago. Though I didn’t have any plans, I enjoyed the day working on not one, but two overnight oats recipes! You all know my love for oats and how they are so versatile and can be added to almost anything. Continue reading “Maple and Hot Chocolate Overnight Oats”

Chocolate and Willy Wonka at Kambaa

The weather in Dubai is just cooling down and what I love more than being outdoors is, being able to settle down with a nice cup of Hot Chocolate or Coffee. Don’t we love those days when all you can think of is indulging in chocolate?

Continue reading “Chocolate and Willy Wonka at Kambaa”

Choco Fantasia – Dip n Dip

I’m sure most of the dessert, or rather, chocolate loving people must have visited this joint at least once in their lifetime. If not, you are seriously doing something wrong in life. Continue reading “Choco Fantasia – Dip n Dip”

Flavor of the Month – CHOCOLATE!

Okay, so I know I’m a bit late for this post. Flavor of the month’s rules state that it should be posted at the start of every month. But, oh well, rules are meant to be broken right? 😉 Continue reading “Flavor of the Month – CHOCOLATE!”

The Cake Heaven: A Heaven Indeed…

I am solely writing this post to thank this kind lady who bakes the awesomest cakes ever! She has been baking cakes for all our friends’ birthdays from the past 2 years. The Cake Heaven, is a heaven for cake lovers indeed!

Fahmeeda Moosa, a dear friend now, keeps outdoing herself with every cake she provides. I, thank you for coming up with the best ideas for customized cakes, even when we come to you just 3 days before. Thank you for making such rich, chocolatey and delicious cakes.


I remember this was the first cake we ordered. For a friend who’s a volleyball player. The cake was beautifully designed. And all of it was edible! Yes, the slippers and the shades too!

1013758_609335685818163_174720594_n 1383622_526256004126132_1800051821_n



These are some of the cakes done by Ms. Fahmeeda. She is quite a pro!

11310980_1664303153802947_1025194630_n Oh! And this one’s the best of all! My birthday cake! Designed for a girly girl who loves makeup! The best part is, all the cosmetics here are edible. They are made of fondant that is scrumptious. Also, you can keep them as mementos for however long you like! This was a year back, and I still have some of the brushes with me.

Looking forward to ordering more cakes in the future!

You can find The Cake Heaven on Facebook:

Additionally, you might want to get in touch with Ms. Fahmeeda directly: