Your Ultimate Stop – The Bake Stop

With so many new patisseries opening up every other day in Dubai, it becomes almost impossible to make your mark on the audience in this city. Battling with the current leading confectioneries, is this home based bake shop. The Bake Stop is managed by Ms. Aliya Khatri, who not only is a sweet girl ( did I mention she’s just 17? ), but also really knows her stuff! I was happy enough to try her bakes and share my experience with them. 🙂 Continue reading “Your Ultimate Stop – The Bake Stop”

The Cake Heaven: A Heaven Indeed…

I am solely writing this post to thank this kind lady who bakes the awesomest cakes ever! She has been baking cakes for all our friends’ birthdays from the past 2 years. The Cake Heaven, is a heaven for cake lovers indeed!

Fahmeeda Moosa, a dear friend now, keeps outdoing herself with every cake she provides. I, thank you for coming up with the best ideas for customized cakes, even when we come to you just 3 days before. Thank you for making such rich, chocolatey and delicious cakes.


I remember this was the first cake we ordered. For a friend who’s a volleyball player. The cake was beautifully designed. And all of it was edible! Yes, the slippers and the shades too!

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These are some of the cakes done by Ms. Fahmeeda. She is quite a pro!

11310980_1664303153802947_1025194630_n Oh! And this one’s the best of all! My birthday cake! Designed for a girly girl who loves makeup! The best part is, all the cosmetics here are edible. They are made of fondant that is scrumptious. Also, you can keep them as mementos for however long you like! This was a year back, and I still have some of the brushes with me.

Looking forward to ordering more cakes in the future!

You can find The Cake Heaven on Facebook:

Additionally, you might want to get in touch with Ms. Fahmeeda directly:

Ribbons, Balloons and Everything Nice

After hearing a lot about this newly opened bakery, I decided to pay it a little visit. Ribbons and Balloons is located near Haji Ali, in Oud Metha, Dubai. Upon entering this bakery, I was welcomed with a scent of freshly baked cakes. The interiors were pink and go very well with the name.



Since I arrived a little early, they were still baking their cakes to be served in the evening. The manager at the bakery was very friendly, he helped me select and even suggested some of their specialties. I chose a piece of Nutella Cake, a Rocky Road brownie and a Chocolate Cupcake, and ordered for them to be taken away.

The Nutella Cake slice was delectable! It was chocolatey and gooey. ( I love these kind of desserts! ) The portion served was big enough to fill your tummy as it is quite rich and heavy.


The Rocky Road brownie was filled with almonds and nuts ( Priced at AED 8 for one ). Though, it was a bit hard to eat since it had gotten dry. Not my most favorite, but I’d definitely love to try the chocolate brownies next time.


And lastly, the chocolate cupcake ( AED 10 for one ) , this was a cute one. The cream on top was delicious and not too sweet. The cake with the cream was a good combination. A bit over priced, but oh well, you can spend sometimes 😉


Since I didn’t have much time and was early, I couldn’t try the other stuff they had. Ribbons and Balloons also serves jar cakes that come in small, medium and large sizes. They do customized cakes as well and also have eggless and sugarfree cakes. This bakery makes it just perfect for everyone out there! Here’s a link to their Facebook page!

Do check it out and tell me what you guys thought! 😀

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