Breakfast at The Mall – Ayam Elezz

Since we’ve grown accustomed to the preferred way of having breakfast here – coffee and your way of eggs, we didn’t mind trying Ayam Elezz for a change.  A tray of 10 items and a Lebanese affair we were promised. But how did it fare in terms of taste? Let’s find out… Continue reading “Breakfast at The Mall – Ayam Elezz”

#BuffetsAreGoodforHealth – Manzil, Downtown Dubai

Manzil, Downtown Dubai is one of the better Iftars offered this Ramadan (priced at AED 170) for an authentic and royal affair. We visited the hotel last year during the Holy Month and my thoughts are only on the basis of keeping that as a comparison. Continue reading “#BuffetsAreGoodforHealth – Manzil, Downtown Dubai”

Aseelah – the new Emirati kid in town

A lot of Emirati ventures have been coming up, and joining the scene is Aseelah. Located in Old Dubai, Radisson Blu Dubai Creek boasts an excellent view of the waters and a great location to head for a ride after your meal. Continue reading “Aseelah – the new Emirati kid in town”

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice – Khameer and Dough

Restaurants in Dubai leave no stone unturned when they have to find something to be unique about. Khameer and Dough are one of those people. Khameer is a type of Emirati bread with a sweet or savoury stuffing. What Khameer and Dough does, is take this traditional dish to another level. The most highlighted ones being Nutella and the hot stuff in town – Lotus Biscoff. Also, creating quite a rage is the Oman chips and cheese combination, Khameer and Dough offers these in their savoury selection. Continue reading “Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice – Khameer and Dough”

Emirati with a Modern Twist! – Logma

I was recently invited to Logma, located in Boxpark, with my family. I love the location, Boxpark is totally cool with all the stores shaped like boxes and a colourful theme. Location wise, this deserves full points, there isn’t much parking but I was lucky enough to find one very close to the restaurant. Continue reading “Emirati with a Modern Twist! – Logma”

Ramadan Tent – Hush Lounge

Iftar tents during Ramadan are a common sight in the U.A.E. Trying their hand at these, Emirates Golf Club put up quite a successful tent this Ramadan by offering a Middle Eastern cuisine and a relaxing atmosphere for guests. Continue reading “Ramadan Tent – Hush Lounge”

Iftar at QD’s

QD’s, located in Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club, Garhoud, boasts a relaxed ambiance as well as good service. Situated overlooking the Creek, with a beautiful landscape to gaze at, it makes your visit one to remember. Continue reading “Iftar at QD’s”

#BuffetsAreGoodForHealth – Iftar at Manzil Downtown Dubai

Iftars in Dubai during the month of Ramadan are a common affair. While some may be with humble offerings, some choose to offer a rather lavish spread. One such place was the Manzil Downtown Dubai by Vida Resorts. I was invited there for Iftar last week, and I’m glad I accepted. The hotel, upon entering was beautiful. Inspired by Arabic interiors, they have gorgeous chandeliers and an entrance that one just can’t miss! Continue reading “#BuffetsAreGoodForHealth – Iftar at Manzil Downtown Dubai”