20 Best Beaches in UAE for this weather!

Summer’s the time when most people would head to the beach, but for people in the Middle East, it’s the opposite. Yes, winter is when we explore the best beaches in UAE and this list is just going to tell you the top beaches in the UAE you absolutely must visit for those sunsets, picnics, and seashell picking! Continue reading “20 Best Beaches in UAE for this weather!”

The Best Itinerary for Dubai: 7 Days (with one day in Abu Dhabi)

Although I grew up in Dubai, the city still amazes me with its new developments and projects. True, a city’s worth is not just in its technology and even culture should take the limelight, but it is interesting to note how the UAE was nothing like this around 15 years ago. This time frame is spectacular for a country to grow as much. And, this is why you should visit Dubai at least once in your life. Below, I show you the best itinerary for Dubai 7 days. Continue reading “The Best Itinerary for Dubai: 7 Days (with one day in Abu Dhabi)”

Staycation Review: Jumeirah At Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi

One of the tallest buildings in the city of Abu Dhabi, Jumeirah at Etihad Towers is a luxury hotel with a charming ambiance. There are five towers in total that are residences and offices, in addition to a private beach, swimming pool, gym, and spa. This luxury hotel in Abu Dhabi has it all you think.

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The Ultimate Abu Dhabi Guide for 2020

Abu Dhabi has often been overlooked by most visitors to the United Arab Emirates. Even so by locals in the country as most Abu Dhabi residents usually travel to Dubai to spend their holidays. However, a recent trip to my sister’s place there made me fall in love with the emirate! If you’re a resident or just a tourist looking to visit the United Arab Emirates, here is a useful Abu Dhabi guide on how to spend your holiday in Abu Dhabi.

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