Sneak Peek Dinner At La Tablita, Hyatt Regency

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I am a big fan of Spanish or Texmex food and when I was invited to sample the menu of La Tablita, my joy knew no bounds. La Tablita is located at the new Hyatt Regency, Umm Hurair.


What I found fascinating were the markings on the floor from the hotel entrance, that led to the restaurant. These were symbols of the Mayan Gods, from Spanish culture. I could see people walking with their eyes on the floor instead of their phones for a change!


We reached a full house restaurant with Spanish songs playing and a buzzing atmosphere. After settling in, we were introduced to our beautiful server, Cindele who brought our drinks; a tamarind and a berry one. This was had with a bowl of nachos with guacamole.


Cindele quickly enquired about our dietary requirements and then started our dinner with Salmon ceviche and Camarón (prawns in coconut milk). Not a fan of raw dishes like my guest, but I somehow managed to stuff a few prawns into my mouth. Not bad at all.

From left: Lamb, Mushroom and Crispy Fish


Next, we had the Tacos! My love for these things cannot be measured. We had three varieties; lamb, mushroom and crispy fish. The mutton, which was my least favourite was more of a pulled meat sort and was a bit hard to swallow.

Up front: Crispy Fish Tacos


Battered Fish


I haven’t tried mushroom tacos before, but these turned out good. Not better than the crispy fish, though. The fish tacos were colourful and a pleasure to have. We also tried their battered fish tacos which weren’t really up to mark.


Our meal continued with a sizzling plate of beef and chicken fajita. Served on the side was Mexican rice. Now, what can I say? It was just umm…ordinary? Not going to bore you with the details, but this was easily forgettable.


Thankfully, the delicious and humongous prawns were the saving grace of the evening. Perfectly seasoned and grilled, I almost wanted another one.


Lastly, our meal ended with the chosen desserts included in the set menu. Tres Leches; a vanilla sponge cake with jalapeno ice cream (what?). Well, if you’re wondering whether the ice cream was spicy, it was absolutely not. Though the garnish on top were very thinly sliced jalapenos, these did not really provide any flavor. The cake on its own was fantastic! Soft and juicy, I will probably be coming back for this alone.

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The churros came in a mug with a cute jar of thick chocolate syrup. Unlike other places, this syrup was pure chocolate and looked like it was made in-house. Sugar, chocolate and dough, all enough to make you fall in love.

Our evening came to a fabulous end with me requesting for my favourite Spanish singer’s (Enrique Iglesias <3 ) song and our server dancing to it.


Food wise, I believe that La Tablita has a long way to go. Though, there might be some things that I would go back again for. Take for example the service, which was exemplary. The servers are kind and friendly, especially ours, who was not only entertaining but even managed to teach us the basics of Spanish. Such things are almost lost in the staff nowadays who are helpful, but fail to make a personal connection with guests.

With that, I shall be signing off for now. Until next time,

Happy Eating! xx
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