Is SLAB worth its hype?

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La Mer has joined the evergrowing places TO BE at Dubai. Our previous visit was to experience Masti – a progressive Indian venture. And this time we are trying SLAB.

Located on the Northern side of La Mer, with a man-made lake as view, is Slab. Short for sandwich lab, which was what it was initially supposed to be. However, with the growing demand of Dubai, the restaurant introduced main courses with the same names as their sandwiches sans bread.

The decor is minimalistic with grey and white tones as opposed to the splashes of mismatched colors that are the trend nowadays. There’s a cool vibe, which I describe as coming from a hot day to a glass of cool water.

We are asked our drink preferences and soon the owner, Fadi Al-Said, comes in to explain the concept of Slab. The restaurant has been created as a result of Fadi’s many travels. The menu is precise but also serving flavors from different parts of the world. Think fried chicken seasoned with Jordanian dukkah, beef tataki with shimeji mushrooms on a taco, or butternut squash and orange soup [AED 25] sprinkled with sumac and parmesan crisp which is our favorite soup by the way.

We start our late lunch with the soup while being seated outdoors. The weather is a beautiful remnant of the short winter we had in Dubai. The server recommends a Quinoa and Broccoli salad [AED 44], Ricotta and Tomato Bruschetta [AED 39], and Charred Ricotta and Heirloom Tomato [AED 39] for starters so we order that.

Most aren’t fans of either quinoa or broccoli though it’s a fad nowadays, so it’s quite a risky dish. However, this works since the flavor of broccoli is almost lost due to it being puréed. The sliced pistachio is a good touch.

Our next two starters are similar with the base of both being ricotta, tomato, and pesto. But different as one is a salad, while the other is presented on a ciabatta.

Main course is a Beef Tataki Tartine [AED 69], Duck Confit [AED 79], and Organic Salmon Fillet [AED 99]. We decide to go all in and ask for sides of Zucchini Fritters [AED 25] and Potato with Rocket and Tonnato Sauce [AED 25]

My eyes immediately go to the Duck Confit which is plated beautifully and has a sweet plum sauce underneath it. The duck is tender and the roasted butternut squash takes the dish up by many levels. The husband is a bit biased due to his love for salmon. I agree with him as the fish is fresh that you can almost think it was just caught before searing it.

Tonnato, I learn, is a mayonnaise-type sauce that is flavored with tuna. Traditionally served meat, but Chef Omar has changed this and added potatoes with rocket leaves to provide a stunning side. The zucchini fritters are like comfort food and they go well with its radish aioli.

The good part of Slab is that the food doesn’t make you feel too full, although with the amount we ordered who wouldn’t be! Dessert comes in the form of a Dark Chocolate Bar [AED 34] which is a better version of snickers with ice cream, and Mafroukeh Cheesecake [AED 34] with a semolina base and yogurt for the cheesecake mix. Mafroukeh is actually a dessert of Lebanese descent with pistachio, yogurt, and semolina. The husband and I have different opinions again. With him preferring the former and me going for the subtle and soft tones of the cheesecake.

If we’re going back: We hear there is a different menu for breakfast so I’m thinking of jotting that down to make space on my calendar. Chef Omar says that the menu is seasonal and will be changing soon so make it a point to visit for the recommended dishes.

What’s your favorite restaurant or dish currently? Let me know your thoughts…

Until then, happy eating! xx
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