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Suffering from writer’s block! Is that even possible when you own a restaurant review blog? Hate it when you have it all in the mind, but it’s difficult to put it on paper (*print here actually) So finally, after days of almost writing utter crap (excuse the use of language here), I present to you an honest opinion of my experience at Flooka.



Located in Dubai Marine Resort and Spa, the place wasn’t new to me as I had visited Sho Cho earlier, which is situated just some steps further. Flooka is an all seafood restaurant that will make the fish lovers jump for joy!

They have an outdoor area where you can dine with a view of the beach. Might get a bit chilly due to the weather at present, but enjoy it while it lasts.





Since the area was too crowded, we chose to have dinner indoors. The restaurant has a live kitchen where you can see the hustle bustle of the chefs, with wooden tables and the smell of the sea, you’ll almost imagine you’re sailing. Flooka offers a Mediterranean menu with starters like hummus, Batata Harra, Fattoush and bread.




After a healthy start, we decided to dive into the seafood goodness they provided. With fish sausages, fish shawarma, grilled tiger prawns and fried sardines.



The Fish sausages were something unique. Though the texture was harder than I expected, the sweet tangy sauce made up for it and complemented it well. The sausages could taste better on their own too. Our tiger prawns were devoured! Just sprinkle some lemon, and you’re good to go.



Not being a fan of sardines, it was probably my least favourite dish. Other items like the Fish tikka and fish with chips made up for it.


From their selection of desserts, we chose their ice cream platter. This comes in three different flavours. Although I don’t remember their names, I have to say they were quite nice to have. One of them being an absolute favourite of mine, with a banana flavour.

It’s too easy to get overwhelmed with all the dishes they offer, especially for someone like me, who went from being a seafood hater to a person who agrees to have it in limited amounts. (Raw fish still excluded from the list) But fear not! The servers are great and will suggest exactly what you’re looking for.


Hungryoungwoman recommends the Fish Shawarma, Tiger prawns and their delectable Fish Tikka.

Until then…

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