22 Romantic Places in the World for Your Next Vacation

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Let’s face it, the Coronavirus has caused many of you to cancel your travel plans this year. While some have been easily refunded, others like me have tried hard to get our bookings refunded. I know, that once the virus has a cure, world happenings will resume and so will travel plans. Therefore, here’s a fantastic list of romantic places in the world for you to wanderlust about while you’re stuck at home.

These romantic getaways for couples have been shared with popular travel bloggers who have experienced this with their better halves. Scroll down to read more about the best romantic vacations for you!

Oksana and Max from Drink Tea & Travel

22 Romantic Places in the World

Romantic Vacations in America

Lahaina, Maui – Noel from This Hawaii Life

Lahaina, Maui is definitely the romance city and where many go for their honeymoon on the islands for romantic beach getaways. With perfect sunny days, gorgeous beaches and lots of amazing adventure experiences, you can do as much as you want or just soak in the sun and lie on a perfect beach or have a cocktail poolside.

Probably the hardest choice is where you want to eat each day for lunch and dinner and of course, pick the perfect spot for that totally romantic sunset by the beach experience.

Or, if you’re more adventurous, why not consider a really romantic dinner cruise around the Lahaina coastline and enjoy the perfect sunset and views of Maui. You’ll find dining on the island a real treat ranging from eating local style food, street food and markets to really high-end fine dining restaurants that serve farm to table dining extravaganzas.

It really depends on your budget from camping on the beach to elaborate five-star hotel stays on some of the most amazing beaches in Lahaina and the entire west coast of the island.

Here’s what to see and do around Lahaina for more inspiration and some fabulous places to visit in the city and areas outside. You’ll definitely get into a romantic mood instantly when you arrive at Kahalui airport and drive to your lovely destination

Vancouver, Canada – Lesley from Freedom56travel

Located on the west coast of Canada just 116 miles north of Seattle lies this jewel of a city. Vancouver has the best of both a safe and friendly Canadian culture and a temperate climate. Although it’s not unusual to see American visitors arriving in a parka and snow hat in May, Vancouver rarely sees temperatures fall below freezing, even in winter.

Spring in Vancouver is glorious with thousands of cherry trees blooming all over the city and flowers in profusion. Summer in Vancouver is fun with lots of festivals and events to attend. Winter in Vancouver is the most romantic though; skating downtown at Robson Centre, tobogganing on the local mountains and cozying up in front of a fire are classic activities for couples.

The most romantic thing about Vancouver are the amazing vistas, viewable from every corner of the city. The Coastal Mountain range looms above Vancouver with world-class skiing at Whistler Mountain a short drive away. Snow-capped mountains complete the picture-perfect shots of Vancouver, with the Pacific Ocean filling in the beautiful views.

Vancouver is a city tailor-made for lovers. Weekends in Vancouver see couples walking hand-in-hand on the world’s longest uninterrupted waterfront path (17 miles!). But don’t worry, there are plenty of picturesque benches and lounges to stop for a rest at and delicious eateries with stunning patios where you can grab a quick bite. Follow her on Pinterest here.

Portland, Oregon – Charlene from Enduring All Things

Portland, Oregon is a very unique city. Some would even say weird. I think because the city is so quirky, couples can easily find unique and romantic things to do. Even if those things don’t look like what you typically think of as romantic. So many festivals and bizarre celebrations happen every single weekend. You can always find a quirky concert to attend or tour to take. Not to mention all the fun clubs and living room theaters!

There are a few romantic staples in the area, however. One of my favorites is to visit Multnomah Falls (shown in the picture)! Only about 30 miles outside of Portland, this gorgeous waterfall is the largest in the state. If the two of you like physical activity, you could do the steep mile hike to the top. Or you can enjoy the beauty and romance from the base. Be sure to take lots of pictures as well as visit some of the other waterfalls in the area!

Another classic is the Portland International Rose Test Garden. It’s located in Washington Park inside Portland’s city limits. This garden is a great spot to wander around together. Especially in June when the roses are in full bloom. And the best part? It’s completely free!

New York City – Constance from The Adventures of a Panda Bear

New York City is known worldwide for its bright lights and beautiful skyline, but did you know that it is also one of the most romantic cities in the world? The city is full of beautiful parks and areas for a nice walk or stroll with your partner.

The famous Central Park is a great place to spend the day picnicking or sunbathing on the grass of Sheep Meadow. Take a stroll down The Mall walkway, during spring or fall as the tree-lined path is particularly beautiful. The Lake offers pedal boats for rent where you and your beau can explore the park by boat.

High Line Park is a wonderful place for a couple’s stroll. The park was built on top of the city’s elevated railroad tracks and can be a romantic spot during the day or at night. The park offers great views of the Empire State Building, the Hudson River, and 10th Ave.

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most beautiful walks a couple can take in New York City. The Brooklyn Bridge can be accessed at any time of day, but it is particularly beautiful around sunset. The views towards Manhattan and the west are like none other.

Spend a weekend in New York City for an unforgettable romantic couple’s getaway!

Asheville, North Carolina – Stephanie from Explore More Clean Less

Tucked in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville, North Carolina is a growing tourist destination with lots to offer travelers looking for romance! There is a core downtown with nationally acclaimed restaurants, live music, art galleries, and specialty boutiques.

Within 30 minutes you can be up in the mountains looking out over the city or hiking to a waterfall! The surrounding smaller cities make for perfect day trips, or you can take a visit to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park nearby. The city has a laidback vibe with lots of street art, lush greenery, and street musicians along with a regular public drum circle.

The romance is in the ambiance! Everything about Asheville invites you to linger, whether it’s in intimate bistros or in front of a beautiful view off the hiking trail. Here are some of the most romantic outings in the area; check out this list of Asheville date ideas for more options.

First, appreciate nature together in front of a beautiful waterfall or expansive mountain views. Recommended trails: Catawba Falls, High Falls, Looking Glass Falls, Max Patch, Craggy Gardens.

There are countless opportunities to see finished works or artisans at work, sparking passionate conversation. The recommended opportunities are the Asheville Art Museum, River Arts District, Folk Art Center, Diana Wortham Theatre, Asheville Community Theater.

Whether it’s dinner or dessert, share bites in one of these cozy eateries with romantic ambiances. Some suggested restaurants are The Hop Ice Cream Cafe, White Duck Taco Shop, Copper Crown, Rhubarb, Sunny Point Cafe, French Broad Chocolate Lounge. Follow her on Instagram here.

Romantic Getaways in Europe

Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria – Luisa from The Online Personal Stylist

Hidden between the breathtaking Bulgarian “Stara Planina” mountain range, lies an idyllic little city known as Veliko Tarnovo. Usually, when most people think of Bulgaria, they think of beach holidays on the coast or skiing in the Bansko region.

However, the lesser-known, quaint Veliko Tarnovo is a fine place to visit and can offer you the perfect romantic vacation. A trip to Veliko Tarnovo is what I’d call a manageable stay.

It’s small enough to feel like you’ve had an accomplished visit if you only plan on staying a few days. On the other hand, if you want to prolong your trip, there’s more to explore if you choose. It’s not an overwhelmingly busy destination, due to the fact that it isn’t widely popular with international tourists.

That being said, for those who have been lucky enough to discover this hidden gem, it’s a place that will imprint fond memories on to your heart. The reason I’d class this as a romantic destination is that it provides visitors with affordable but sentimental experiences.

I feel there is something awfully romantic and thoughtful in surprising your significant other with a vacation in an unspoiled destination. It adds more meaning to a trip if you look as though you’ve invested extra time and effort into tracking down a special romantic location.

Plus, if you’ve tried all of the famous romantic cities before, going somewhere a little off the beating track provides a fantastic new experience entirely. I’d recommend visiting Tsaravets Castle during the daytime for a scenic walk. At night time there is a Sound and Light show held at the same castle, which is magnificent to watch. And in between sightseeing, why not lunch alfresco on the cobbled streets along the riverside and experience the tasty Bulgarian cuisine. Follow her on Instagram here.

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Galway, Ireland – Emer and Nils from Let’s Go Ireland

Galway City in Ireland is arguably one of the most romantic cities in Ireland. You have everything you need for a perfect romantic city break: intimate restaurants and pubs, a lovely boardwalk along the seashore just minutes away from the city center, buzzing street music, and of course, the romantic tradition of the Claddagh ring.

Here are the top highlights for a romantic getaway in the “City of the Tribes,” as Galway is also called: Explore the Latin Quarter, where you can wander through quaint cobblestoned streets, enjoy many of the cozy pubs, restaurants, and listen to skilled street-performers and musicians of Irish traditional music.

Southwest of the city center you will find the Salthill Promenade, which stretches more than a mile along the shore. Sauntering along you can enjoy romantic views of Galway Bay and admire the yachts and boats glide through the waters.

To make your romantic getaway complete, you need to pay a visit to the many Claddagh ring makers of the city, which have continuously produced these world-famous rings since 1700. The Claddagh ring design with its two hands clasping a heart symbolically represents love, loyalty, and friendship. If you plan on getting engaged with a Claddagh ring in Galway, make sure to wear it correctly though. On the left ring finger with the point of the heart towards your fingertips means that you are engaged, the other way around means that you are married. Follow them on Pinterest here.

Sintra, Portugal – Nina from Lemons and Luggage

When we talk about romantic cities in the world it might be easy to overlook Sintra in Portugal. This gorgeous UNESCO World Heritage site town is located just 28km outside of Lisbon.

But this town is an extraordinary place to visit making it one of the most romantic places in Portugal. Whimsical, colorful palaces from different eras sit atop the beautiful landscape of the Serra de Sintra. The town is absolutely perfect for a romantic day trip from Lisbon.

If you don’t have the funds to visit the Great Wall of China, Sintra can be a stunning substitute. The walls of the castle’s fortification from its Muslim era bear somewhat of a resemblance. Walking along the remains of the walls allows for some breathtaking views to the Atlantic Ocean.

But the most charming part about Sintra is its quaint palaces. You can see the National Palace of Sintra in Sintra’s old town, the Monserrate Palace, and the Quinta da Regaleira. The loveliest of all of Sintra’s palaces, however, is the romanticist Pena Palace which could easily be the backdrop for a fairytale.

A hike up the hill with your significant other to reach the Pena Palace will be an unforgettable experience. The best part is that if you arrive in time for the sunset you will be blown away by the views and colorful skies. Follow Nina on Instagram here.

Copenhagen, Denmark – Derek and Mike from Everything Copenhagen

If you’re visiting Copenhagen with your special someone, you’ll quickly learn just how romantic the city is. In Copenhagen, you have beautiful surroundings and backdrops all over the city.

One of the most romantic is Nyhavn canal, the idyllic pastel canal houses lined with sailboats and cobblestone streets. It’s just one canal in a city that’s loaded with gorgeous waterways that are perfect for a couple’s stroll. To have an even more intimate date on the water, rent an electric canal boat. There are a number of electric boat rental companies and you can enjoy a date on the water where you charter and captain your own cruise. The boats have a table in the center which is perfect for enjoying a meal and some drinks as you float through the city.

Copenhagen has a large number of public parks and businesses that cater to picnicking. Many restaurants offer pre-made picnic lunches with drinks, plates, glasses, a basket, and eating utensils. All you need to do is leave a deposit and return the items when finished. It’s common to have couples enjoying a picnic lunch or takeaway dinner at any time of the year with a blanket on the ground in summer or sharing a city bench in the winter. The city also boasts some of the best eateries in the world, so search Copenhagen restaurants for a romantic New Nordic meal to enjoy as a couple.

Besides the waterways, picnic spots and delicious food scene, Copenhagen also has the romantic Tivoli Gardens. It’s an amusement park with family fun, but for couples, it’s a great backdrop for a romantic date. The beautifully landscaped gardens, water features, and seasonal decorations are unbelievable matter what you do, you’ll fall in love with Copenhagen!

Budapest, Hungary – Giulia from Travelling Sunglasses

It’s not surprising that Budapest is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world. The atmosphere is absolutely unique: the Danube river flows peacefully through the city center, with architectural masterpieces such as the Hungarian Parliament and Matthias Church overlooking on it; beautiful boulevards stretch on Pest side, their 19th-century buildings classy but not posh; the Royal Palace towers in the cute old town on Buda side, with views over the nearby hills.

Besides the classic sightseeing, a proper romantic weekend in Budapest should include some relaxing spa treatment and a delicious candle-lit meal. If you’re planning to propose, I have just the spot for you!

Relax and rest at the famous Szechenyi Spa, located in Varosliget park. Explore the outdoor pools, try all the different saunas and steam baths inside, and enjoy some pampering with one of the many (and affordable) treatments offered there.

Hungarian cuisine is hearty and flavourful: treat yourself to the impressive baroque decorations at the New York Café, or splurge on a tasting menu at Salon Restaurant (a separate hall of the New York Café). The restaurant with the best view is without doubt Halaszbastya, located inside the Fisherman’s Bastion on Castle Hill: at night, the reflection of the Parliament shimmers on the surface of the Danube river.

Speaking of Fisherman’s Bastion, the round square in front of it is just perfect for a marriage proposal: encased between the white Fisherman’s Tower and the Gothic Matthias Church, it’s a true jewel. It’s very crowded during the day, so consider sunrise, sunset and at night to enjoy some more privacy. Follow her on Facebook here.

Barcelona, Spain – Vicki from Vickiviaja

There are so many romantic cities in Europe, but my favorite by far is Barcelona. Not only because I met my husband in this beautiful city but also because there are just so many romantic things to do in Barcelona.

First of all, Barcelona is a beach city. What could be more romantic than having a romantic walk along the beach and afterward stopping by in one of the cafes? You can also share some tapas while you watch the waves breaking on the shore of the mediterranean sea.

But also the city itself is a fantastic place to visit with your significant other. The old town of Barcelona has amazing narrow streets in which you can get lost, and the gothic architecture of the Barrio Gotico provides a great medieval vibe. Everywhere around, you can find amazing little boutique shops with creative products and souvenirs and restaurants with yummy foods for all tastes. Also, a visit to Sagrada Família is a total must-do.

But my absolute favorite romantic thing to do in Barcelona is a visit to the Bunkers del Carmel. From here, you have a 360-degree view over the whole city up to the beach. Just bring some snacks and a drink and enjoy the picture with your partner. You can even come here for sunset/sunrise to make your visit even more romantic.

Venice, Italy – David from Delve Into Europe

If you want romance, look no further than Venice. It’s one of the most photogenic and most beautiful cities in the world. It’s built on over a hundred islands in a lagoon off the northeast coast of Italy and crammed with so many amazing churches and palaces, and many more canals, bridges and romantic corners to discover.

Venice can get terribly overcrowded, especially through spring and summer. We have found, over around ten visits to Venice, that winter is the best time to visit. The crowds are at their thinnest, at least until Carnevale, and it’s the best time to explore and
appreciate the city as a couple.

Some suggestions for romantic things to do in Venice would be to take a gondola ride. If you seek out quieter parts of the city like Dorsoduro, it can be a wonderful experience. However, if you try to find a gondola around San Marco, be prepared for a long
queue and traffic jams on the canals.

The most romantic thing we’ve ever done in Venice is to wander. I’ve never seen a city so densely packed with so many beautiful back streets and corners. Put your map away in your pocket and just go.

It doesn’t take long, even in summer, to find quieter romantic places in Italy. The south of Dorsoduro, around the San Trovaso boatyard, is one of the best areas to wander, and it also has one of the best places in Venice to try some cicheti – essentially the Venetian version of tapas. The Osteria al Squero, across the canal from the boatyard, is a great spot to indulge in some Venetian specialties.

Visiting Europe in Winter? here are the best destinations

Paris, France – Lucile from Lucilehr

Paris is so romantic but not in the way you’d expect! Let go of all the clichés and experience the real historical charm of the city by getting lost in the small streets and being open to any discovery you might make. This is the best way to spend romantic holidays for couples.

The real romantic atmosphere of Paris comes from this unexpectedness that will bring you closer to the one you love. Here are a few of my favorites if you want to impress your partner or date.

First, a small twist to a well-known place: did you know that there was a secret passage leading to a small castle on a corner of Place des Vosges? You’ll love sitting in the gardens and having meaningful conversations there before walking through the Medieval part of Paris South of le Marais and on the islands to go to your next spot.

Going to Saint Germain Market to shop for fresh produce is a romantic activity that will for sure help you eat healthy while traveling. After all, Paris is one of the best food cities in Europe!

Have a picnic in the nearby Jardin du Luxembourg, sitting by one of the trees or observing the view on the Eiffel Tower. No trip in Paris would be complete without losing track of time sitting at a cafe’s terrace, so don’t forget to end your day there!

Prague, Czech Republic – Adam and Hannah from Getting Stamped

Not only is Prague one of our absolute favorite cities in Europe, but it is also definitely one of the most romantic cities we’ve been to. With its cobbled stone streets, beautiful historic structures and picturesque attractions, it’s hard not to feel like you’ve stepped into a perfect dream.

Some of the romantic sights to see in Prague include the Prague Castle, the largest ancient castle in the world. As you wander about the gorgeous architecture, you’ll feel the deep history and stories. Make sure to visit the Saint Vitus Cathedral located in the heart of the castle.

Another favorite sight to see is the Charles Bridge. You can walk over this beautiful, old bridge over the Vltava River. You can also look into taking a River Cruise on Vltava River, as it’s a wonderful way to relax and see the beautiful views of Prague with a loved one.

For a romantic place to eat in Prague, make your way to Old Town Square, which is bordered by various rooftop restaurants. One of our favorites is Terrace at Prince – the views from the rooftop are insane!

Some of the most romantic views of the city can be found by climbing Petrin Hill or the Lookout Tower. Once you make it to the top of either, you’ll receive a stunning view of the city below!

Whatever you decide to do in Prague, you’ll certainly feel the romance all around you through the charming, old city. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Dubrovnik, Croatia – Summer from Traveling Summer

Dubrovnik has one of the most romantic atmospheres of any city I’ve been to. Dubrovnik is a walled city that still feels entirely medieval and has many narrow streets, perfect for wandering around with your significant other.

In the evenings, the streets glow a warm yellow and the restaurants are filled with couples eating al fresco. In the colder months, most dining is still outside – you are given warm blankets to wrap up while enjoying the ambiance of the city.

The Adriatic Sea’s water is a stunning crystal blue and it’s pleasant to enjoy overlooking the water in the afternoon. One of the top attractions in Dubrovnik is to walk the castle walls and you can stroll the entire city in an hour or two while enjoying amazing views.

Dubrovnik also has many sailing options – perfect for a romantic sunset cruise in Croatia. The nearby Lokrum Island is accessible by ferry and features a monastery and botanical gardens. There are also options for more adventurous activities such as snorkeling and kayaking.

However, I found the ideal way to spend a day in Dubrovnik was to get lost exploring the Old Town – there are so many charming streets and beautiful historic buildings (many of which are even Game of Thrones filming locations!). No wonder it seems like everyone in Dubrovnik is on a honeymoon!

Hallstatt, Austria – Destiny from Appetite for Adventure

Hallstatt, Austria, this village truly looks like something right out of a fairy tale storybook. The landscape is breathtaking! No words or pictures can truly do it justice. Walking hand in hand with your lover while taking in sights of pastel-colored houses with bright, colorful flower boxes and shutters each way you look. It doesn’t get more romantic than that!

Central Square Marktplatz is a beautiful town center where you can peruse souvenir shops or get some local eats. The lakeside restaurants are so peaceful that even during lunch at a restaurant on the water you hear no sounds aside from nature. It’s as if everyone is just focusing on the beauty of what was in front of them.

Take the funicular up to see the Skywalk where the views are stunning! Once you’re at the top check out the Skywalk for a unique view of the lake and village!

Rent a swan paddle boat and explore at your leisure and relax while paddling around Lake Hallstatt. Locals like to claim an hour on the water adds a year to your life— as if you needed another reason to get in that boat.

Check out Mill Creek Waterfall for an easy and peaceful hike. We went late afternoon in the summer and we pretty much had the trail to ourselves. To make the experience a little more romantic we stopped at a little Gazebo and decided to make an addition of our own in hopes to come back years down the road and see if the memory was still there.

Hallstatt is the perfect stop on your European vacation to have some romance. I hope you all get the chance to take in the dreamy views of this quaint village. Follow her on Instagram here.

Romantic Destinations in Asia, Africa, and Australasia

Yerevan, Armenia – Megan from Absolute Armenia

One of the most romantic cities in the world is definitely Yerevan, Armenia, the country’s capital city. Yerevan is known as the ‘pink city’ because of the pink volcanic tuff used to build the buildings and structures within it.

During the evening golden hour, the entire city shines a bright pink hue and one of the most romantic things to do when it does is to go and sit atop the Cascades, an inclined Soviet structure built into a hill in the city and admire the views from above. If you’re lucky, you will get to see Mt. Ararat proudly standing in the background.

While the views and aesthetics give off a romantic vibe in Yerevan, there are many other things to give it a charming feeling. Yerevan has several sidewalk cafes that line the streets, and bars in Yerevan making every corner cozy and unique. Most of them are hidden into courtyards allowing for very intimate moments without a lot of noise and bustle around.

Day trips are also in abundance and you can venture to nearby Etchmiadzin, the holy city of Armenia where you’ll find plenty of exciting events from weddings to festivals and more. There are also UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Etchmiadzin.

Don’t miss out on Lover’s Park in Yerevan when you’re there. This part sits on the edge of the city and is one of the most romantic places to visit there. If you’re looking for romance and a city that is just a pleasant visit, definitely add Yerevan, Armenia to your list!

Kyoto, Japan – Tanja from Ryokou Girl 

There’s plenty of romance to be found in Kyoto, from strolling along the Philosopher’s Path beneath the falling cherry blossom petals in springtime, to exploring traditional Japanese temple gardens with a loved one. To outsiders, Japan is often viewed upon as somewhat mysterious due to its unique culture and history, and nowhere is this more visible than Kyoto.

Once the capital of Japan, Kyoto is now considered to be the country’s cultural hub and a popular sightseeing spot for couples from all over the world. The romance of Kyoto lies in its unique cultural experiences that offer a glimpse into traditional Japanese life, long before the skyscrapers of Tokyo appeared.

If you’re visiting Kyoto with a loved one, be sure to stay in a traditional Japanese ryokan. You and your partner will be provided with casual kimonos, called yukata in Japanese, and you can spend your stay enjoying natural hot springs or eating fine-dining kaiseki cuisine, which is usually served to you in your room.

Arashiyama in Kyoto is a particularly romantic area and a popular date spot for locals. It’s home to the famous bamboo forest, there are temples to be discovered, and row-boats to be hired on the river.

Other cultural activities for couples include having dinner with a real-life maiko (apprentice geisha), visiting the famous Golden Pavilion, Kinkakuji, and taking part in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

Check out the best restaurants to visit in Kyoto this year!

Cape Town, South Africa – Oksana and Max from Drink Tea & Travel

Picturesque Cape Town is one of our favorite places in the world and a great city to spend quality time with your partner. The city is full of interesting sights, great restaurants, and outstanding nature.

One of the most romantic things to do in Cape Town is to watch the sunset from the Clifton Beaches with a picnic. For more scenic views, take the cable car up to Table Mountain or if you are feeling more adventurous, embark on the 3 hour round trip hike. You’ll have sweeping views of the city below and the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean.

If you’re an active couple, the Lions Head Hike will not disappoint. Pack a picnic and spend some time in each other’s company at the top. The views rival those of Table Mountain.

Discover wildlife together by taking a visit to Boulder Beach which is the home of over 100 African penguins. Or go on a romantic drive together in Cape Town.

Cape Town is a destination that makes it easy to connect with your partner over new experiences and stunning natural beauty. Follow them on Instagram here

Sydney, Australia – Emma from Our Wayfaring Life

Sydney with its stunning harbor and famous landmarks is one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Sydney also has the unique gift of being both sophisticated and relaxed. All this, as well as warm summer, mild winter evenings, and superb attractions Sydney is the ideal city for romance!

Planning a romantic evening in Sydney? Whether it’s a first date or a night with your special someone try visiting Luna Park. Lit up at night, it is a spectacular sight on Sydney’s harbour. Its lights, wonderfully fun atmosphere, and rides like the Giant Ferris Wheel along with views of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House make it a suitable place for an unconventional date.

Sunset is when Observatory Hill is at its best. Take a picnic dinner and as you enjoy the company of your date, admire the views of the Habour Bridge and the habour. Also, add something special to your evening by going on a guided Twilight Tour at the Observatory held each night.

The Enmore Theatre an art deco building dating back to 1910 is one of Sydney’s premier music and entertainment venues. Its intimate size (1600 capacity)boutique restaurants nearby make it perfect for a romantic night out. Follow her on Facebook here

Coorg, Karnataka, India

A hidden gem on the list of romantic places to visit is Coorg. Located in the Southern state of Karnataka, Coorg resembles a hill station with mountainous backdrops and a considerably cooler climate at any time of the year.

Apart from the luxurious resorts offering a complete one of a kind experience, Coorg has beautiful greenery and tourist attractions in Coorg like the Abbey Falls are a sight to see!

From the throng of romantic resorts in Coorg, Wilderness Resort stood out and we loved spending time there. Think luxuries like heated bathroom floors, spacious rooms, and vintage decor!

For an experience to remember, tick bathing elephants and feeding them off your romantic couples bucketlist. I did that when I took a trip exploring Karnataka and absolutely loved the Dubare Elephant Camp

Bintan Itinerary Pictures

Bintan, Indonesia

Whether you’re newlyweds or have children, Bintan is a nice idea when thinking of romantic weekend getaways from Singapore. Expect lots of water activities, lazing around in the hotel, and just spending time with each other!

I visited with a little toddler who had lots of fun things to do in Bintan while hubby and I experienced one of the most romantic trips we’ve ever taken. Technically a part of Indonesia, Bintan is a small island located quite close to Singapore with just an hour and a half on a ferry.

I’ll let our post do the talking here about what exactly we did in this Bintan itinerary.

So, did we help you wanderlust with this list of the most romantic holiday destinations? Look up the airline fares right now from my favorite website:

If you’re booking a hotel in these most romantic cities in the world or romantic hotels in your country, search here for places to stay according to your budget and location:


I hope this collaborative list of most romantic places in the world has helped you plan a romantic weekend away sometime in the future, ’cause yes, you deserve it!

Until then, happy wanderlusting! xx

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