Ramadan Tent – Hush Lounge

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Iftar tents during Ramadan are a common sight in the U.A.E. Trying their hand at these, Emirates Golf Club put up quite a successful tent this Ramadan by offering a Middle Eastern cuisine and a relaxing atmosphere for guests.


While many might have already visited the Emirates Golf Club, it was my first time here. Needless to say, the place looked absolutely stunning!  Especially the scenery that is provided with buildings behind the beautiful stretch of green grass.


Hush Lounge covers an expansive area that is kept air-conditioned by coolers placed at every corner. Looking at the Golf Club itself, which is shaped like a tent, the Hush Lounge goes very well with it’s surroundings and doesn’t look out of place. There is also buggy service available from the parking area to the Iftar buffet, which is very helpful.



Upon entering the tent, we were welcomed by kind servers who were available when we required them. For drinks, we had Jallab, the Arabic drink that is made using rosewater and grape molasses. Breaking my fast with dates and Jallab was very refreshing, though I felt the drink was a bit too sweet for me.



The starters consisted of a variety of salads, out of which, Quinoa and Beetroot salad was my favorite.



The hot mezze consisted of sambosas and kibbeh, which are served at most of the buffets out here.



The mains had some interesting options out of the usual. The sirloin beef was succulent and juicy. There were a few Indian dals and Navratan Korma (A dish made of vegetables in spiced sauce), which I found was different from typical buffets. I would suggest them to include naans which were missing from the scene.







I really liked the kebabs and shish tawook placed at the buffet. They were well done and not chewy. Served with garlic sauce, I indulged in a lot of these that evening! 😀



For desserts, I only tried out a few options out of the many as I was too full to have anything else.






Chocolate Brownies: They were soft but a bit dry. Could be served with more chocolate fudge on top.


Carrot Cake: This was very well prepared and tasted fine overall.


Umm Ali: A soft and comforting bread pudding. I really liked this one.

Kunafa: A little unstable but then I figured out why. The cheese was substituted with fruit custard here, which gave me a little surprise. But a good one! Being a one for surprises big or small, I loved how they had added this little element in. A thumbs up for this one!


I ended my rather large meal with a Cappuccino, while my dad opted for their Arabic Tea.

Hush Lounge also offers sheesha and drinks with a perfect ambiance for guests looking forward unwind after a long day. Priced at AED 145 per person, one can enjoy a lovely Iftar evening with family and friends.


Since this Ramadan has come to an end, I will be looking forward to visiting Hush Lounge again to see what they have in store next year! 😀

Disclaimer: Though I was invited as a guest to Hush Lounge, my opinions remain unbiased.

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