Partylicious with Willie’s Cacao, 2015

We all know about Candylicious in Dubai Mall. I usually make a stop there just to admire all the chocolate and their decor. There’s a good news for the candy lovers, Candylicious has opened a new unit called Partylicious where you can exclusively host parties and meet ups! Exciting right?



I was invited to the opening where I had the opportunity of meeting Willie Harcourt-Cooze, who is the founder of Willie’s Cacao, makers of fine chocolate.



We indulged in some sweet treats and were part of an informative session by Mr. Willie, who taught us how to take chocolate from a bean to a bar. And since there are benefits to being a blogger, we watched how the cacao turned into delicious chocolate truffles!


Now you know where you should be hosting your celebrations, and if you have chocolate lovers as friends, why not celebrate that too? 😀

One thought on “Partylicious with Willie’s Cacao, 2015

  1. It’s a shame I missed that – I’ve read his first book and tried some of his recipes. His chocolates used to pop up here and there in Dubai but there was never one location that consistently supplied them and certainly none that carried the full range. What did you think of his couvertures and how do his Venezuelan cacaos (one of which uses beans sourced from his own plantation) compare with those retailing in Dubai?

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