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I’ve been having a lot of Asian food lately, some that raise my eyebrow (in a good way), while some that don’t quite agree with my taste buds. Take Thai curries, for example, I don’t seem to like any. The coconut ingredient being evident in most of them is the reason.

So a few weeks back, I visited a little restaurant in Al Barsha, called Nom Nom Asia. Since this restaurant has been quite hyped on social media, even featuring a few pictures of the presenter, Uma Deshpande enjoying their dishes, I was intrigued about what they’d have to offer me.


Nom Nom Asia’s menu consists of mostly Chinese and Thai cuisine. We started with some Tom Yum soup, which was deliciously hot and spicy.


The famous Iceberg Lettuce wrap was loved by all. The concept being wrapping the served ingredients in two layers of lettuce. The lettuce is served fresh, with fried noodles, chicken mince and dynamite sauce inside, which makes for a wonderful wrap!

Sesame Prawns
Golden Fried Prawns

Next, from our order of Sesame Fried Prawns and Golden Fried Prawns, we liked the former. This was mainly due to the golden fried prawns containing too much oil that made it almost unpleasant to have.


We also asked for a Dim sum Platter, of which chicken wontons and dumplings were preferred most. The spring rolls again had too much oil in here.

Chinese Fried Rice
Flat Noodles

The mains for dinner that night were, Chinese Fried Rice, Flat noodles, Penang Red Coconut Curry and a Chicken Hot Plate.


The curry was not preferred by me for the above-mentioned reasons, although it was well received by my family.


The Chicken Hot Plate was a hit! Protein and veggies served on a hot sizzling plate are always a favourite with us.


Their fried ice cream was the way we ended our meal. And hey, not bad at all! Vanilla ice cream wrapped in a layer of dough and a dollop of chocolate sauce with almond flakes. This has me drooling now. The layer of dough could be a bit thinner, though, so there would be more of ice cream to taste. (Watch the video of how we devoured it here)

The restaurant has made quite a name for itself in a very short time. Perfect for Chinese and Thai takeaways, as well as a great dining in option. Their pricing strategy is also very affordable, top that with authentic food, and you can woo anyone you take there!

Hungryoungwoman recommends the Tom Yum soup, Iceberg Lettuce Wrap, Chicken Hot Plate and Fried Ice cream.

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