9 Most Instagrammable Places in Singapore You Cannot Miss

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Truth be told, how much ever you try not to fall for this, you always do! Instagram is such a channel and we have all tried to get an “Instagram worthy” shot at least once in our lives. Tell me, are you not guilty of this?

During my recent trip to Singapore, I couldn’t help but notice how instagrammable the country is. I mean, it is THE place to be for budding artists and art lovers! This is why I have compiled a list of the most Instagrammable places in Singapore. Some of them are quite famous, while some are not. And this is why you should read this guide more than others 😉

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9 Most Instagrammable Places in Singapore

  • Gardens by the Bay

Anyone who has been here would agree that this is one of the most beautiful places in Singapore. Gardens by the Bay is an expansive nature garden located conveniently close to some of the top attractions in Singapore like Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Artscience Museum, and Merlion Park.

The park consists of supertrees which are shaped like trees and are giant structures wrapped around with plants like exotic vines and ferns. It truly is a remarkable experience to see the park filled with greenery and it’s a great place for those interested in nature.

Not to miss is the Garden Rhapsody that happens every evening from 7.45 pm and continues every hour consecutively. This is a light show on the supertrees with music and songs. A tip would be to attend the first show as there are massive crowds after that.

How to get to Gardens by the Bay by MRT: Take the Downtown Line (blue line) and alight at Bayfront MRT station. The exit for Gardens by the Bay is clearly marked so follow the directions 

Merlion in Singapore

  • Merlion Park

This is not only a tourist attraction in Singapore but also a mascot for the country and used for various events. The Merlion is a mythical creature with the head of a lion and bottom of a mermaid. This statue is located near One Fullerton and the location has a beautiful view of the Singapore skyline.

Being the national animal of Singapore, this lion statue is a must in instagrammable places in Singapore!

How to get to Merlion Park by MRT: The stop is Raffles Place which is accessible either through the North South Line (red line) or East West Line (green line) Take the exit towards United Overseas Bank, this is where you will spot Fullerton Hotel which is right next to the Merlion Park 

  • Street Art in Little India

A top thing to do in Singapore famous places would be to explore the alleys of Little India and capture their street art. Most of these walls have been decorated with stories of the past that relate to the Indians.

They make for beautiful pictures that are hard to scroll away on Instagram!

How to get to Little India by MRT: Little India is accessible through Downtown Line (blue line) or North East Line (purple line) A little walk from the exit will lead you to various street art murals 

  • People’s Park Complex

With budding photographers and aspiring bloggers on Instagram, common places have also been hyped. It would almost be a crime not to include People’s Park Complex in this list of photogenic places in Singapore.

Look at the picture above, this is a residential building that was made famous by Instagram and now, every Instagrammer always includes this as one of the places to explore in Singapore!

How to get to People’s Park Complex by MRT: People’s Park Complex is accessible from Chinatown MRT station and is a walkable distance 

a plate of hawker street food from Chinatown, Singapore

  • Chinatown Hawker Centre for the food

It is no doubt that the famous places in Singapore are the hawker centers. Singapore food is known to be delicious and affordable at the same time. This is why I compiled a full list of what to eat in Singapore and the most affordable restaurants there.

Go to a hawker center in Chinatown and snap your food while enjoying a delicious meal! I assure it is one of the best places in Singapore to take photos which will get some food envy from your friends!

How to get to Chinatown by MRT: Chinatown Hawker Centers are throughout Chinatown which is on the Downtown Line (blue line) and North East Line (purple line)

  • The Jewel

Are you looking for the best place for photography in Singapore? The Jewel is your answer. Other than the fact that is free to attend for all Singapore residents and visitors, The Jewel is also visited by those transiting through the Changi Airport as it is just hard to miss!

It can get a little crowded, especially if you are visiting during peak times like I was. A tip from me would be to visit super early in the morning if you are interested in morning photography. If you like the night show more, then go close to midnight to find fewer visitors. It truly is the best of Insta worthy places in Singapore!

How to get to Changi Airport by MRT: Changi Airport is easily accessible by MRT and has a station only for itself. The Jewel can be reached through link bridges that are on Level 2 of Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 (The Jewel is located in Terminal 1)


  • Tan Teng Niah’s House

Can you believe that someone’s house could end up being the best place to photoshoot in Singapore? You’d say yes if you’ve seen Tan Teng Niah’s house! Originally a gift from a Chinese businessman to his wife, this house is also the last standing Chinese house in Little India. It wasn’t too colorful before but the colors came in when it was repainted.

This building has proven to be quite famous in Singapore Instagram places. Check out all the pictures here for some photography inspo!

How to get to Tan Teng Niah’s House by MRT: Little India is accessible through Downtown Line (blue line) or North East Line (purple line) Ten Teng Niah’s house is a short walk from the MRT


  • Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Another history lesson; the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple was built in 2007 and gets its name from the relic of the left canine of Buddha, recovered from his pyre in India

Other than the totally instagrammable exteriors, the temple is beautiful on the inside. They also allow photography but be mindful to not make any chaos as people visit the temple to pray. I had to include this in Instagram worthy places in Singapore as it has also been made quite popular on the social media channel!

How to get to Buddha Tooth Relic Temple by MRT: Again, use the Chinatown MRT station to get to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple 

  • ArtScience Museum

Lastly, the Artscience Museum is surely one of Singapore best photo spots. It is a part of the most renowned hotel in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands. The structure of the museum is very unique and depicts a welcoming hand of Singapore with 10 fingers. Each “fingertip” filters in natural light that is used for their various exhibitions.

Not only is the outside of the building one of the best photography spots in Singapore, but the exhibitions are a must-visit. We sadly weren’t able to fit it in our itinerary, but that’s what repeat travels are for! 🙂

How to get to the ArtScience Museum by MRT: The ArtScience Museum can be accessible through Bayfront, Promenade, and Marina Bay station 

There are plenty of places to take pictures in Singapore and every place offers a stunning opportunity! If you are visiting Singapore soon, here are some great hotels and flights you can look at while planning for your trip!

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Until then, happy traveling! xx

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