“Moshi Moshi”!

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After years of shying away from raw fish, winning a give-away on Instagram brought me to this place. Moshi (Momo + Sushi), a clever name actually, also means “Hello” in Japanese. This restaurant is situated behind Mall of the Emirates, right opposite Citymax Hotel, Barsha.

Upon entering, we saw the tiny restaurant crowded. Good sign and also a bad one, considering we had to wait nearly half an hour to be seated on a table right in front of the blazing sun. There were curtains of course, but those didn’t help much. The high number of customers also resulted in slow deliveries of orders. We asked for some of the favourites, recommended by the server. I could also see a lot of home deliveries going, Moshi must be a really good restaurant. But I had to wait until half an hour to decide whether it suited my taste-buds.

Getting right to the food, we ordered:


Kinder Bueno Milkshake: This reminded me of the milkshakes served in Filli. More milk than chocolate, but was refreshing.


Lemonade and Mint: I loved this one! The taste was great and this should be the perfect drink for summers.


Cheesy Chips: This was the first dish that arrived. Since I had heard a lot about the Cheesy chips, I decided to give it a go. These was flavourful! Each bite was a mixture of cheese and Oman chips. Both are my favourite! The ingredients which I never thought could be so good combined, and in a maki roll that too! Kudos to this one.


Pero Pero Chicken Momos: This was my second favourite dish of the day. The momos were cooked to perfection. Soft and full of flavour on the inside. They could probably work on the spice factor and make it more spicy, as I was said that I should expect some really hot momos.


Falafel, Hummus and Cucumber: Moshi certainly tries to integrate different flavours in their dishes. The falafel and hummus stood out here, they tasted quite good with the rice.


Prawn Tempura (Crispy): My partner preferred the prawn tempura to the vegetarian dishes. The prawn was, as the name suggests, crispy.


Salmon Teriyaki: The part I wasn’t looking forward to at all. The Salmon Teriyaki. Being a lover of food, deciding that I shouldn’t be biased and be open to all kinds of food, I tried my very first bite. I was glad that the salmon did’t have much taste, but the slimy feel wasn’t good for me. My partner, on the other hand, really liked the salmon.

Peanut Butter Bars: Chocolate and peanut butter bars that are healthy? Yes, please!


Looking at the exceptional reviews on Zomato, I expected a lot from this place, but did it live up to my expectations? Well, maybe. Since this place has just started, it does have potential to become better. I would suggest them to expand the place for more customers. This will allow more people and will prevent waiting customers from walking out. I will recommend the Cheesy chips, pero pero chicken momos and peanut butter bars for anyone planning to visit Moshi.

Until next time. xx

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