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Update: The last time I visited Moshi was my first experience with Japanese food, sushi in short. I tried some Salmon, Prawn Tempura and their famous Cheesy Chips (Cheese and Oman chips). From my experience, I remembering longing for their Cheesy Chips sometimes. The others were a bit too hazy as I preferred not thinking back to the taste I got of the seaweed nori.

This time, the lovely Khush invited me over to try their newly introduced “Air rolls”; lettuce wraps that are used in place of nori sheets. And of course, I accepted! (Although I have gotten past the taste from my first visit and enjoy maki rolls now)


We tried a variety! Khush was sweet to feed us like a loving mother, the moment we’d get done with one dish, another would be presented. We started our drinks with a Nutella Milkshake and a Carrot Orange Juice. I loved the consistency of the milkshake, thick and chocolaty.

Getting right to the details, we tried:


Wai Wai Chat: Priced at a nominal price of AED 8, this Nepali chat has different versions. Moshi prepares it by putting in fried noodles, sliced tomatoes and onions, with their sauces.

From top left clockwise: Chicken Katsu, Thai Chicken Curry, Moshi Dynamite and Chicken Tikka
Chicken Katsu
Moshi Dynamite

Chicken Tikka: Starting with my favourite one! The Chicken Tikka was definitely something different. I loved how this is so innovative. I tried their air rolls version, and honestly, this is the way to go guys! The chicken tikka sauce on top was also quite good.

Chicken Katsu: My second favourite was the Katsu. Usually eaten as a curry in Japanese culture. I liked how they put this into maki rolls. Although the sauces can get quite heavy, but you can always ask them to provide it as a side.

Moshi Dynamite: The Dynamite is made of prawns and crab. I’m not usually a fan of crab, but I actually¬†liked this. Reason is, you don’t quite get its taste. I felt the sauce overpowered the dish here.

Chicken Thai Green Curry: I love how Moshi is so inventive. This came as a surprise to me, as I was curious to know how it tasted. Taste wise, I felt it was comparatively mediocre to the other dishes. I also tried the air roll version, but it somehow came as a bit dry.

Chicken Thai Curry and Cheesy Chips

Cheesy Chips: We were almost too full when another platter was brought to us! And how could I say no to this? Loved the flavours of cheese and Oman chips here. This dish certainly deserves all the popularity.

Prawn Tempura (in focus) and Soft Shell Crab

Prawn Tempura: Get how I was spoiled so much here? From our third platter, we loved the Prawn Tempura. Who doesn’t love it? The crispy prawn, with the softness of the rice, was quite nice. You don’t even need to have soy sauce with this.

Soft Shell Crab: Lastly, we tried this one filled with crab. I think I’ve started liking crab now. Although in small portions.

Mutton and Prawn Momos (in focus)

Pero Pero Chiken: Next came our delicious platter of momos! I’ve already tried the Pero Pero Chicken which is served with a chilli sauce. They serve momos in three style; steamed, pan fried and fried. Opt for the steamed one in this flavour.

Out of the other options, we tried Mutton (fried), Prawn (pan fried) and Cheesy Chicken Capsicum (steamed).


After quite a heavy meal, Khush brought in the newly introduced (not on the menu yet), Sticky Fried Rice. Yes, it is made of sticky rice with chicken and egg. I seemed to be liking this as it’s different from the usual fried rice. Also, the flavour is a lot better, the chilli sauce served makes it amazing.


For dessert, we tried the Nutella Maki and their Peanut Butter Bars with my handle on it! Yay! I loved loved loved the Nutella Maki. It has to be my favourite out of the two.

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Happy eating! xx

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