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Highly in search of a location for spending a relaxing babymoon, we sight Manzil Downtown Dubai and book ourselves a Deluxe Room. We are no strangers to the hotel and its hospitality, both top notch by the way, as we’ve been to their Iftar held at The Boulevard Kitchen a couple of times. (You can find those here and here)

I’ve stayed in hotels before, but for some reason never thought of documenting my experiences on the website. However, that’s changed and you might find a new section on Hungryoungwoman now – Unwind With Her

We decided to check out Nezesaussi Grill located at the hotel to grab lunch before checking in. Honestly speaking, I wasn’t aware that the venue would resemble a bar so much. Luckily, only a few tables are occupied so we aren’t really exposed to the pub vibes. On the contrary, Nezesaussi Grill’s menu is so much more than just bar bites.

We settle down and order a burrata and shrimp popcorn for starters. Both prepared well and tasted good. For the main course, I choose a medium well Rib Eye, while the husband asks for some Fish n Chips (usually made with beer, but we asked for it to be prepared sans alcohol)

The steak is juicy and tender, a perfect accompaniment to the creamed spinach on the side. Sadly, the fish was an oppugning affair. The batter, soggy with almost no seasoning proved a difficult task to complete.

Staying at Manzil Downtown Dubai: 

After lunch is done, we head to the reception. The check-in process is easy and smooth, and we’re in our room in no time. Drawing the curtains, I am awe-struck to see the beautiful Burj Khalifa peering down at us. What a sight!

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There’s no better way to relax than lay down in a comfortable bed staring at the stunning building that Dubai is popular for. The husband can’t stop snapping pictures on his phone, but I curb that feeling and decide to take it all in. The light breeze blowing, while the sun sets behind the buildings turning the sky darker as time progresses.

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The Deluxe Room of Al Manzil Hotel Dubai measures 32 sq m and has basic amenities such as round the clock room service, security safe, minibar, hairdryer, ironing and coffee & tea making facilities. Careful thought has been put to make the room look simple, yet speak about the country’s culture. Simple details like the Arabic alphabets above our bed and translations for greetings impresses us.

If you’re sharing the room, you may be astonished to notice that the bathroom has no door and isn’t really soundproof! It would be better letting your companion know in advance when you will be using the washroom to avoid unexpected surprises.

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For dinner, we head to The Courtyard downstairs. Look at how our table looked below:

The day comes to an end and I relax in bed with some great channels on the 42 inch (and the husband’s snoring!) to keep me company.

Breakfast is at Boulevard Kitchen from 6-11 AM at Manzil Hotel Dubai, with eggs prepared your way and served on the table with the rest being buffet setup. I particularly like the freshly baked croissants and couldn’t stop munching on those.

After the lazy breakfast, we are ready to check out of our room. The process is once again hassle-free and our bags are loaded into the car in no time.

If we’re going back: We’ll make sure to book ourselves the room with the view! The prices for rooms are reasonable too. While we didn’t care too much about the restaurants, we’ll recommend dining at Boulevard Kitchen at least once during your stay.

Have you been to Manzil Downtown before? How was your experience? Let us know…

For bookings and reservations, click here

Check the hotel website here.

Until then, happy eating AND relaxing! xx

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