Is Seafire your usual steakhouse?

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Steakhouses are not uncommon in Dubai, but there are very few that amaze us. The usual criteria to differentiate for us would be the quality of the meat, how it is sourced, and the fat content.

Other than the fact that it is located at Atlantis, The Palm, which is a luxury resort itself, the interiors are elegant and charming with huge draped curtains and dim lighting. The ambiance feels relaxing, unlike the stiff, and uncomfortable fine dining places that we have grown to dislike.

The venue is crowded for a weekday, with families occupying tables and chattering, which makes us settle in almost too easily. Our server is quick to acknowledge us and shows good knowledge of the menu.

Our starters come in soon, Seafire Prawn Cocktail [AED 98], Burrata Salad, and Scallops paired with complimentary bread. The Prawn Cocktail adds a little entertainment factor with dry ice and reminds us of dynamite prawns minus the spice. The caviar is a good touch and takes the dish to a whole new level which shows in its price. We felt the scallops dulled in comparison to the former dish and could have worked if they were less rubbery.

Seafire offers four different types of meat and we decide to sample portions of these to judge the winner. US Black Angus, Dry Aged Beef, Master Kobe Wagyu, and Atlantis Signature Certified Beef. Comparing each by taste, flavor, and marble score, my guest and I declare the Atlantis Signature and Master Kobe Beef the winners.While I preferred the Atlantis Signature beef for its less fat content and subtle taste, with a marble score of 4+, my guest liked the Master Kobe for its ‘melt in your mouth’ factor due to high fat content and marble score of 9+.

These came with sides and Jumbo Tiger Prawns which were char grilled and a delicious addition to the meal.

Although quite full with our seams almost bursting, the thought of dessert didn’t stop us. Newly joined Chef Raymond Wong introduces us to his take on the trending Freakshake and a classic New York Cheesecake with lemon and meringue. We later sit down for a chat with the Chef and sip on coffee, leading to a very memorable end to the fantastic meal.

 If we’re going back: A slice of Atlantis Signature and Master Kobe Beef please?

Oh! And, add the Cheesecake for dessert! 😉

What are your favorite steakhouses in the country? Got any suggestions? Get in touch with us…

Until then, happy eating! xx

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