Is Marina Social the best restaurant in Dubai?

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Marina Social is one of our favorite restaurants in Dubai. Period. The fact that we’ve already visited twice before this review, bears testament to our love for it.

Located in Intercontinental, Dubai Marina which is host to venues like Accents and YNot Bar and Kitchen, Marina Social has left quite an impact in its one year reign.

Saturday evening and a buzzing ambiance are perfect ingredients when coupled with great service and food. But what makes Marina Social different from the others? What left that lasting impression in us?


We are seated, the drinks are ordered and our first course comes right in, all in a span of 15 minutes. Brought to us by the Chef Patron himself, Tristin Farmer introduces to us what is called ‘Tea n Toast’, a mushroom-based drink topped with parmesan shavings and served with bone marrow and gentleman’s relish [AED 30/per person]. Next, comes the popular tomato filled with burrata and Italian beef [AED 90]. The 25 years aged balsamic adds a fine touch to the dish by balancing the creamy and savory flavors.


A subtle saffron infused risotto topped with parmesan and Lemon Ricotta Tortelloni with crab sauce [AED 90 each] grace our table next. These are just the starters, mind you, the main courses range from a veal short rib [AED 150], a beautifully steamed sea bass [AED 175], and some luscious chargrilled tiger prawns [ AED 150]. All come with sides.


Just when our dinner is coming to an end, we are taken to what is known as a dessert bar. Prepared live in front of you are your requested desserts. Tristin whips up a Pumpkin Ice cream topped with white chocolate sauce and choco nibs with honeycomb for a crunchy texture. We find the ice cream a bit odd at first, to be honest, but the flavor is easy to get used to.


A black forest cake is put together next and shortly, the Banoffee Soufflé follows. Now, Marina Social is known for its soufflé, which changes every season. This time its Banoffee, a soft and almost airy texture that doesn’t leave you feeling too glutted, gets full marks.


If we’re going back: Marina Social is an excellent example of how service is an important factor when visiting a restaurant. A simple gesture of recognizing a face the next time you see goes a long way. Our visit was a resounding success and ended with meeting Jason Atherton himself, who signed us a copy of his recipe book!

If you’re going À la carte, we recommend the Veal Short ribs and Sea Bass. The Burrata is a specialty of the place and a must try.

Do you have a favorite restaurant in Dubai? What matters most when choosing a place to dine? Let me know your thoughts…

Until then, happy eating! xx

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