Top 5 Places to have Iftar: Dubai 2021

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Ramadan Mubarak to all our readers! Ramadan is a month of reflection and gratitude and is best spent with loved ones. Sitting down together after the day to break one’s fast with family is the time we look forward to most.

Dubai is known to host some of the best iftars where there is a spread of cuisines of different kinds. While I am a person who prefers quality over quantity, I do happen to indulge in some buffets. However, sometimes you find average food and service for a price that is a tad too high.

And that’s where Hungryoungwoman comes in! This new list features the top five places to have the best Iftar in Dubai

Top 5 Places to have Iftar: Dubai 2019

Note: Mentioned below are restaurants that haven’t been listed in any ranking order.

Constellation Ballroom – Address Dubai Marina

I’ve been to the Constellation Ballroom from the last four years and it might just be my favorite Iftar in Dubai from the lot. The buffet displays a range of live cooking stations and the food is definitely worth a try.

If you think of the phrase “spoilt for choice”, I think it very well applies here. Click here to read more about our experience.

Call +9714 888 3444 or email or visit

Priced at AED 199 per person. (Click here)

The Boulevard Kitchen & The Courtyard – Manzil Downtown

For the real Ramadan spirit, head to The Boulevard Kitchen at Manzil, Downtown Dubai. It’s the sort of place you should head to if you are experiencing a Dubai Iftar for the first time.

The buffet is a generous spread with the starters, main course, and dessert set in The Courtyard and Boulevard Kitchen.

The idea for 2019 is to show the guest of what ties the East and West of the world together. “The Silk route by land” theme is an unforgettable Iftar that you must try. The Iftar features an inspiring spread of cuisines from across Asia, Europe, and Africa. You can connect with different traditions and witness the influence of the routes on your Iftar table.

The theme is switched every year but keeps in mind true Arabic traditions so this surely had to be featured in our best Iftars in Dubai list.

For reservations, call +971 4 888 3444 or email or visit

Priced at AED 195 per person. (Click here)

Anise – Intercontinental, DFC

Anise features a massive buffet arrangement for Iftar and is in probably one of the most underrated hotels in Dubai. At AED 225 per person, the Iftar is inclusive of Ramadan juices and soft beverages. Not only is there a display of Arabic fare, but also International cuisines.

It can get a little confusing as the dessert counter is sort of placed between all counters, so make sure to plan your way through the Iftar 😉

Bacchanal – Caesars Bluewaters, Dubai

Since we’re on about huge buffets, there’s a new kid on the block. Bacchanal, a buffet-style restaurant which is an award-winning Las Vegas concept, is featuring live music, Arabic grills, international food, and a large dessert section this Ramadan in Dubai. It is located at the Greek-inspired Caesars Bluewaters which is definitely a place to visit!

The pièce de résistance is the Turkish delight tower made up of sugared up rich nuts such as pistachios, hazelnuts, and almonds.

Priced at AED 250 per person, early bird is AED 250 pp

Aquaviva – Address Montgomerie

Keeping large buffets aside, the most sought-after Iftar on this list would be the one at Address Montgomerie. Trying to capture the true sense of Ramadan, i.e., by bringing together friends and family over delicious and mindful food, Address Montogomerie has sharing tables that encourage conversations with loved ones and strangers alike.

The buffet is comparatively smaller but focusing on quality dishes. It is alfresco seating with beautiful lighting among lush green surroundings and emerald lakes at Emirates Hills.

This is the first time Address Montogomerie is hosting an Iftar for Ramadan 2019.

Call +9714 888 3444 or email or visit

Priced at AED 185 per person

So, what do you think about this list of Dubai Iftars and, has your favorite Iftar made the cut? Share and see what your friends think!

Until then, happy eating! xx

Note: Prices have been updated recently
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  1. Beautiful round up and a good guide if you are looking for a special Iftar. I’ve shunned the fancy ones this year for some more down to earth experiences but I know that these are tremendously popular.

    1. Thank you, Sally! They are indeed popular and a great deal. It was the start of Ramadan that I was exploring these, the rest of the days are dedicated to spending with close ones at home.

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