Iftar at the Constellation Ballroom – Address Dubai Marina

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The Constellation Ballroom, located at Address Dubai Marina, is one of the most talked about places in town. Other than the obvious splendid decor, it also boasts an Iftar buffet that is quite different from its counterparts. I was invited to the place for an Iftar last week. The location was easy to find, as it is located amidst famously known hotels such as Radisson Blu and the likes. They also offer valet parking and offer to park your car which is a relief as it saves time.

The interiors are one word – Luxurious. Anyone can notice that there was a lot of time put into design those chandeliers, the lights and decorations and squeaking clean floors. The entrance of the ballroom is impressive. A dimly rim room with candles and roses. Placed aside was a large figure that read “#RamadanSawa”. After this, there is a red carpet to welcome guests. I surely felt like a star walking on it, even if it was for a few seconds ๐Ÿ˜€




The ballroom is quite large, with around eight live stations on the sides. While the cold mezze, dates, and mains are served in the center of the room. What distinguishes this buffet spread from the others is that, Address Dubai Marina has tried to incorporate Arabic, Indian as well as Asian flavors in their menu. There were some dishes that totally wowed me.


The live grills took up most of my plate as they were mouth-watering. They had shish tawook, chicken tikka, and shish kebab.



There was a separate section for bread. I liked how these included sweet and savory options. As well as, the rotis and khubz.




There was a small section for salads, but there wasn’t a particular one that I enjoyed. All of them were quite mediocre, more or less the standard that you’d expect from a place offering a normal buffet.


The mains consisted of predictable dishes like biryani, ouzi and a couple of gravies that were good, but failed to charm me. The sirloin beef had a separate live station, where we were served cut pieces of beef. The meat was well done and went very well with the sauce provided.




They also had Dumplings! ๐Ÿ˜€ I loved how the dumplings were soft and not too soggy. They had seafood and vegetable available. Some Korean dishes like Kimchi were also offered in the buffet.



The desserts were kept in a separate hall, which was used for dining. These had innumerable options which delighted me of course! There is nothing such as too many sweets! ๐Ÿ˜€


To name a few, Umm Ali, Muhallabia and puddings served in cute jars, cakes of different types, macarons and a huge pile of Macadamia nuts! You should see how glad I was when I saw this!





The Chocolate Pavlova was heavenly! It had just the right amount of dark chocolate to give it a perfect mixture of a bittersweet experience. There were also chocolate cakes that were a bit too sweet for me.



The macarons were another hit! Soft and almost breakable, they were creamy on the inside. I loved the lemon flavor more than the chocolate.



While one stall served dessert, there was another counter where fruits were neatly arranged and also placed on sticks.



On its side was a place where you could select an ice cream of your choice and garnish it with toppings yourself! I chose a hazelnut ice cream, with chocolate fudge, topped with choco chip and pistachio. And it tasted amaaazing!! ๐Ÿ˜€



Priced at 199 AED per person, the Constellation Ballroom is a place for lovers of extraordinary locations and those with healthy appetites alike. Along with anย Iftar buffet, Address Dubai Marina offers a place to relax with friends and family and also promises an experience that one can never forget.


For details, contact 800ย 2337377

Happy eating. Until next time. xx

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