Staying at Radisson Blu, Abu Dhabi

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Apart from the well-known name tag, Radisson Blu Abu Dhabi is what you’d call a simple way to enjoy life’s little pleasures. If you’re making the trip to UAE’s capital or searching for the best hotels to stay in Abu Dhabi, Radisson Blu Abu Dhabi should certainly make it to your list! The staff goes out of their way to make you feel comfortable (for instance, the provision of a crib and towel toys for the newborn, or the welcome treats upon our arrival after a long trip from Dubai), the beach where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors, and waffles! Crisp and fresh waffles drizzled with lots and lots of chocolate!

[UPDATE: The hotel was previously Hilton Abu Dhabi and has recently rebranded to Radisson Blu from 2019]

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The hotel is located inside the city and boasts a beautiful beach view which is part of Radisson Blu Abu Dhabi but just located on the other side of the road (shuttle buses and an underpass is present for those wanting to cross the distance)

Room stayed in: Executive Suite

We booked the Executive Suite for ourselves facing sea view (if you know the kind of sucker I am for a gorgeous view) The suite has a living room, dining area, working space, bedroom, and 2 restrooms. Measuring around 1076 sq ft., the suite is massive and enough for a family of four. The mobile baby crib was placed right next to our bed and was easy to move around when needed.

I especially liked the workspace which had a few plugs attached to the table so my laptop and phone can be connected at one time. It’s quite easy for me to work while the husband and baby are asleep since there are sliding doors that divide the bedroom and living room.


The Executive Suite comes with the benefit of using the lounge at Radisson Blu Abu Dhabi. Complimentary snacks and drinks are provided during the day. There’s also a nice bookshelf with some great reads if you’re interested to spend some time at the lounge. The place offers a complimentary breakfast, but we choose to dine at La Terrazza for that.

Restaurants visited: Bocca, La Terrazza, and Vasco’s

Our first meal is dinner at Bocca, an Italian restaurant also located in Dubai. The venue is unnaturally empty although it’s the weekend during our stay. Our favorites from the three-course dinner were the Ravioli Alfredo and Tiramisu. Chef Leonardo says his Tiramisu is the best in the city, and I agree with him! The texture is creamy and there are strong notes of coffee. That was a Tiramisu! It’s worth making a stop for whenever I’m going to be in Abu Dhabi next.

Breakfast is at La Terrazza. We arrive early at around 6:30 AM since the baby was asleep and we wanted to use this opportunity to have a relaxed meal that doesn’t require trying to entertain and soothe a cranky baby who is curious to see what’s on the table! The variety is small, but there are some quality dishes. What stood out to me were the freshly prepared waffles that were delicious with chocolate. I was probably too hungry at the time, but any excuse to have chocolate is acceptable.

We visited Vasco’s for lunch just when we were checking out. The weather was a little warm so we decided to sit indoors. Writing a more detailed post about our lunch here soon!

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Why you should book your stay at Radisson Blu Abu Dhabi:

If you’re planning to visit the capital, then Radisson Blu Abu Dhabi offers a great option for families since there’s a corniche just nearby. Marina Mall also is a few kilometers away. Read more about what you can do when you’re staying at the hotel. The rooms/suites are well kept, and the service is just what you’d expect from a star hotel. If you have some more time on your hands, here’s a guide on what to see in Abu Dhabi.

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  1. This looks absolutely incredible! Abu Dhabi is on my list of places to visit – probably not for a couple years as our dance card keeps getting fuller and fuller, but this definitely makes me want to go even more!

    1. Thank you, Kate! I’m sure you will love visiting some of the tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi. If you’re looking for a place to stay in the city, this might be your choice! 🙂

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