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Last Updated on February 20, 2016 by hungryoungwoman

Didn’t write yesterday and decided to combine both posts cause well, people just get busy with life. Today I had to cover an event in Dubai Mall, details of which will be posted soon on the blog!

Anyway, if you’ve had the time, you must have seen how I’ve been into eating healthy nowadays. Because of which, I’ve posted a few healthy recipes of mine too. Go have a look on the homepage.

Getting back to topic, here’s how my two days of meals from Health Factory fared:

Breakfast – Chicken Tikka sandwich for Day 4. I was finally relieved to have something different from the past three days of egg whites for breakfast. The sandwich tasted just right and had a little spice too. Something that was missing in the past few meals.


On Day 5, I had Fruit and Nut Pancakes with Fruttolo Yoghurt. And damn, these were good. The pancakes were soft and dry on their own, but accompanied with the yoghurt and they taste delicious. Health Factory also gives me an extra 100 calories of mixed nuts, which I decided to top this dish with.

Lunch – I was very satisfied with my seafood risotto accompanied with broccoli salad and a mango smoothie for an afternoon snack.


I didn’t have the meal sent on Day 5 as it was my cheat meal! And, also covering an event as mentioned above. Though, my sister who tasted it thought it was quite well done and filling. Th paprika chicken was a good combination with brown rice and veggies.


Dinner – For Day 4, my dinner consisted of vegetarian enchiladas and a mushroom soup. A comforting dinner indeed.

Day 5 ended with a French-dip Steak Sandwich. The beef seemed a bit hard and I couldn’t finish it.

The great part is, I’ve already started seeing changes in myself. I’ve managed to lose 1 kg by just eating 1300 calories a day and a little walking in less than a week! Hoping to continue this and reach my target weight.

Until then, happy eating! xx

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