Health Factory Diaries – Day 3


  • Breakfast 10:30 – Spanish breakfast burrito AND Asian Fruit salad (Orange, Pineapple & Melon)


I received little rolls of this breakfast burrito. Since I had fruit salad at the same time, this managed to fill me up. The burrito was stuffed with egg whites and is delicious although a bit bland. Add some pepper salt and you have a nice breakfast!

  • Lunch 14:30 – Beef satay with soya sauce with stir fried vegetable noodles AND  Organic eggplant salad (baked eggplants marinated with herbs)

I started with the eggplant salad without their dressing which was lemon based. Then, moved on to the noodles and beef satay. The beef here was a little hard to bite into.


After some struggle, I finally cleaned up my bowl. If you’re opting for this plan, be sure to choose rice or noodles for lunch as it helps to fill you up for long.


  • Snack 2 17:00 –

Being a lover of all kinds of smoothies, this obviously was the part I was looking forward to. Today, I had a Yogoberry Smoothie.


  • Dinner – Korean Beef bulgogi served with rice & steamed vegetables AND Butternut Squash and Apple Soup

Rice and beef sauce with sesame seeds and steamed vegetables. Definitely like comfort food, something I’d love to catch a recipe of. Sadly, the soup wasn’t much to my liking but it sure helped me during this chilly weather.

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