Health Factory Diaries – Day 2

Last Updated on February 1, 2016 by hungryoungwoman

I had a late night yesterday due to which, my morning started late too.


  • Breakfast and Snack 1 was had at the same time at 11:00 – Greek frittata

This looked the same as yesterday’s breakfast. Although, some changes could be seen. The frittata had spinach. Upon taking a bite, I felt it was a bit bland. But the pieces of sausage in between made it appealing to have.


This was followed directly by the Fruit Surprise that included Melon, Mango and Plums today.


  • Lunch 14:00 – Grilled fish with tomato parsley sauce and roasted potatoes & vegetables AND Cole Slaw with Caraway Ranch Dressing AND Organic Roasted Tomato Soup

Health Factory seems to have a good Chef. I totally loved my lunch. Unlike yesterday, the portion was quite decent today. The grilled fish and veggies filled me up with my tangy tomato sauce. Too bad I didn’t taste the parsley in the sauce much when I was having it, it just seemed like lemon butter.


  • Snack 2 16:30 -Coffee Date Smoothie

After a hearty lunch, this wasn’t really required for. I finished half drink and stored the other half for dinner. Strangely, I didn’t taste coffee in it, this felt like a dates smoothie.

  • Dinner 20:30- Turkish moussaka (Eggplant & minced beef with white sauce)

Okay, I’m actually too full now. The moussaka was mostly minced beef on a bed of eggplants that helped the meal from being dry. Though small, it has definitely filled me up. I also had the coleslaw from my lunch and the Coffee Date Smoothie.

Looking forward to tomorrow! Until then, happy eating! xx


Disclaimer: This diet has been sponsored by Health Factory


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