Health Factory Diaries – Day 1

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Hello, folks!

So I’ve collaborated with Health Factory to give you guys some insight about their nutritional meals that they deliver around Dubai every day. I’ve taken on the challenge to complete a week of their Miracle Program.


“Miracle” is a metabolism booster. Your system mobilizes its fat stores with 3 meals and 2 snacks throughout the day. This will accelerate the weight loss with as little effort as possible.


First, they forwarded me a client information sheet where I had to enter all details regarding my height, weight, and dietary requirements. Next was a phone call from their nutritionist who chatted with me about the meals. The last step is choosing your meals from their menu and there! You just have to sit back and enjoy what’s to come at your doorstep each day.

I’ve decided to record my thoughts on all meals on a daily basis and here’s how it goes.


Day 1:

  • Breakfast at 10:00 – Herbed egg white with roasted cherry tomatoes served with Arabic bread.

This tastes good, I could taste the parsley with the egg white. Although, the cherry tomatoes were found missing from the scene.


  • Sunrise Mix (Peach and grapes Mix)

I had this around 10:30. Since my delivery time was 9:45 AM, I decided to have the egg white and the fruits the same time.


  • Lunch 14:00 – Beef cannelloni with peas and mushrooms AND Organic California salad (Iceberg, fig, cherry tomato, green bell pepper, chives, lemon juice and olive oil) AND Cream of Broccoli

I started the meal with the Cream of Broccoli. It tasted well, just the consistency of the soup was a little runny. And of course, I get it. It’s supposed to be healthy. I added some coriander leaves, which really helped enhance the flavour.

Moving on to the cannelloni, THIS was great! At first, I was a bit sceptical looking at all the cheese on top. But as I dug in, I had no words. It was over before I knew it. Just 350 calories for this is kind of hard to believe, though…

Since I was full enough for lunch, I decided to keep my salad for dinner. I was already going to have some proteins, and veggies would do great with it.


  • Mango and Apricot Smoothie 16:30 –

This came in a medium sized bottle. I really like how Health Factory has their packaging done. It’s neat and the bottles can come in handy for other uses.

The smoothie filled me up. I didn’t finish it entirely as my little sister wanted some too. Well, being mango lovers, this one was definitely something we liked.


  • Dinner 19:45 – Honey Mustard Chicken served with mashed potato & steamed vegetables

The last meal of my day started with some Organic California Salad. Fresh lettuce and figs and green bell peppers. The chicken was cooked well and soft, topped with a light honey mustard sauce, what’s not to like about it?

So far, I’m quite liking this diet. Three meals with two snacks leave no time to feel hungry. You feel like you’re full all the time. Although it’s a bit hard in the morning till lunch. But I can get used to that 🙂

Until then! xx

Disclaimer: This diet has been sponsored by Health Factory

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