Happiness Comes In Small Packages – The Gingerbread Box

Last Updated on May 9, 2016 by hungryoungwoman

Everyone loves surprises! Especially those that include sweet treats. Yes, they might not be good for your body, but a little treat sometimes doesn’t hurt, does it?

I have a major sweet tooth and people who know me well know how I become during the last course of any meal. Dessert can be what I start and end my day with….every day.

So last week I received a little box of goodness that contained goodies from FIVE different places. Yes, all in one box. So well, my morning was made! 😀

The Gingerbread Box (TGB) is a premium sweet treats subscription box created with love to delight every sweet tooth in the UAE. TGB is designed to satisfy the most ridiculous of cravings.

A different box tailor-made for each month, the month of April included some healthy and some sinfully delicious pleasures.

My box contained:

  • Rose Shortbread Cookies from Zoe’s Kitchen
  • Gluten Free Brownies from Oushe
  • Zucchini Chia Cake from Barsalata
  • Russian Tea Cake from Baker and Spice
  • Rock Candy from CandyME

Wonderfully designed, the Rose Shortbread Cookies HAD to be my favourite! Soft and almost delicate, these thrills had a beautiful fragrance of rose. The taste was enhanced too and had the exact amount of sweetness there should be.

Next were the soft and sinful brownies that provided a “melt-in-your-mouth” experience, literally. I think I would definitely go for these again!

The cake slice from Barsalata felt a little too small as I almost gulped it down in some time. It was very hard to believe there was either zucchini or chia in it. Or that it was healthy for any matter.

While the tea cake was fantastic, I felt it paled a bit in comparison to the above-mentioned desserts. The same goes for the Rock Candy which I wasn’t a very big fan of.

The Gingerbread Box might be the perfect way to keep check of the calories you’re consuming in a month. Subscription packages are monthly, three or six months with prices ranging from AED 89-99 per month (shipping included!)


Contact info@thegingerbreadbox.com for more information! 😀

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