25 No Nonsense Best Gifts for Travelers in 2019

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Alright, I’m sure gift planning is probably the best. Thing. Ever. Anyone who says otherwise is either lying or doesn’t have a list of things they fantasize about but never get to buying…You too? See, gift shopping is actually fun. In this guide, I tell you about the best gifts for travelers that will make them thank you so much!

Being a traveler myself, I have noticed I put things into my wishlist but never get to buying them until someone actually gets it for me! Some of the gifts are so useful that I have to always use them now and some are just very nice to have.

So, if you have a friend or close one that loves to travel, make sure you save this list with wonderful gift ideas for travelers. There is nothing greater than seeing your gift being used with love and care by the recipient so I have carefully chosen the best travel gift ideas that will ensure they are not tossed away in the back of a room

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25 Best Gifts for Travelers

Must buy travel gifts

Okay, so mostly your traveler friend has one of these things because they are so darn important to make life easier. However, even the best of us make mistakes and don’t buy necessities on time. Check if your loved one has one these and if not, gift it to them now!

Packing cubes are probably the best invention ever made. By someone who is super organized, I suppose. But these come so in handy every time I pack. You can separate items like jeans, T-shirts, shoes, and dirty laundry so that clothes don’t mix with each other. Also, they fit in so well inside the suitcase and there is no mess. The best part is that it is always easy to find whatever you are looking for in case there is a need for hurrying. Click here to see the nice colors they come in. I especially am a fan of this light coral!

These bottles are very useful for any traveler especially if they like having their water cold or hot while on the road/flight for more than 12 hours. I am someone who loves colorful stuff so if something comes in a range of colors that is automatically more enticing than the plain ol’ blacks and white. This Hydro Cell stainless steel bottle is double-walled ensuring liquids stay cool for over 24 hours (haven’t tried this long though!) and hit beverages come up to at least 6 hours. See here to choose your color

Everyone needs a portable charger. Even the nontravelers have it. Staying connected in this age and time is crucial and especially when traveling and you have to resort to apps like Google Maps, hire a cab online, or use translation services in a non-English speaking country. This portable charger can charge two devices simultaneously which is nice when I have to charge my phone and my husband’s. See it here


This is a convenient little thing that slips off most of our minds. Yes, I faced this when I was in India and the UAE sockets are different, plus, most of our electronics are bought from there so the wires wouldn’t just go in. And since we were constantly on the move, we couldn’t stop for a convenience store. I remember borrowing the hotel receptionist’s Indian adaptor to charge our phones for a night. He was so kind, God bless him! I say, buy this and make sure your friend takes this on EVERY TRIP.

My ol’ faithful Canon 750D has been with me for a long time and most of my pictures are taken using it. The other times, I use my phone or my husband’s which has a fantastic night mode making pictures look great in the dark. If you’re curious, he has a Xiaomi Pocophone. This Canon is easy to use for beginners while also giving that professional look in pictures. If your friend is already a pro in photography, then I’d recommend buying them a Canon 7D

Backpacks come with a charging slot now! Can you believe how much we’ve developed? Other than the fact that this is one good lookin’ backpack, it is sturdy, carries heavyweight, fits in a 15″ laptop, and has more space for clothes/ camera, I found that the shoulder pads are nice and don’t dig into your skin if there’s too much weight in the bag. This is surely one of the perfect gifts for travel people! Click here to see the price

Gifts for ease of travel

A Gorillapod is best for someone who likes taking videos or pictures that require a tripod. It is also very convenient for a solo traveler to set it up on a surface and take pictures of their own. I find this extremely convenient with the point and shoot mode on the app of my Canon 750D which basically acts as a timer except, you can see the picture through your phone before shooting. My faithful Canon coupled with this 1K Gorillapod makes for a nice combination. I recently carried it to Singapore and captured some amazing videos. It is also small so it could fit into my bag when folded. Also worth mentioning are the legs that can wrap onto something and can be molded whichever way you want. Click here to see this Gorillapod

Okay, I’ve been on a flight more times than I can count and sometimes when I’m just not in the mood to make small talk with a passenger sitting next to me or feel like shutting out the world and listening to all the tracks I love, these headphones come in handy. The sound is great, it cancels noise except like really loud ones which you should be hearing anyway because that usually means trouble. Double points if your traveler friend likes music, this will be a nice travel gift for them. See it here

Or, if your friend is more of a bookworm, then the need this Kindle Paperwhite for long flights or waiting time at the airport. I usually find it hard to read during a flight, but I always have extra time on my hands when I’m sitting at a cafe or waiting at the airport. This is when the Kindle is pretty useful. Also, it is very lightweight compared to the books I’d have to carry to entertain myself. Click here to see the waterproof Kindle Paperwhite

I am someone who suffers from lower back pain and I always need to pillow if sitting for long hours. This helps a lot during air travel especially because I travel economy which isn’t very roomy 🙁 Anyway, I have found this pillow small enough to fit behind my back but also nice if using for the head. I don’t usually recommend neck pillow because they just give me a stiff neck, but hey, there are lots of people who use it around the world so whatever floats their boat? See it here

Another thing that makes travel a whole lot easier is a convenient toiletries bag that has compartments to organize your stuff. Like segregating makeup and other toiletries. This also helps to look for things easier and is quite spacious. The convenient shape easily fits into a suitcase as well so brownie points on that! Check the price here


Dreamy Travel Gifts

If you want something small and cute, yet meaningful then give them a keychain! It’s almost inexpensive and available in different designs like this one wishing them a safe trip. Or this, my favorite which has a colored globe and suitcase! However, if you’re more of the type of the classic gift, this one is just perfect.



Even if you aren’t buying this, I am! I have been looking for a map like this for ages but never got to buying it (just something I kept putting off) The map can be easily framed anywhere and you can scratch off the countries of the world you’ve been to. A nice way to show off when people are coming over and also it gives a sense of achievement! This is a travel gift anyone will love. Check it here in different colors

Your friend’s a camper? Got them a suitable mug they would love and well, even frame! Get it here, it’s too cute to just pass over. Else, for those who like classic and simple gifts like me will like this mug with a description. I have a similar one with the meaning of Depresso that I like to show off my never-ending love for coffee 🙂



Another dreamy and cute travel gift for your loved one is this Instax from Fujifilm. I love how it is convenient and light to pack, plus coming in such cool colors! My favorite colors are Ice Blue and Flamingo Pink. For those who don’t know, Instax cameras help you print instant pictures that are nice for scrapbooking! Check it here



For passports that are used plenty of times, need a sturdy cover, right? Check them out here in a range of colors!





Haha! These are not your typical luggage tags but this totally matches me! Also, you can spot your luggage from far far away with these tags even if someone happens to have a suitcase color similar to yours. If you would rather fancy simple ones, how about these ones that say “and so the adventure begins” or these luggage tags that make for a perfect couple travel gift!


Best Travel Experiences as Gifts

The main reason I travel is that I love experiencing new things; like the time I was in the tallest building in the world, or around supertrees that are solar-powered, or how about taking a food tour along busy Thai street food stalls! Amazing experiences that you can book for your traveler friend who will devour it probably more than any other gift!

Start by searching for experiences in your area and book the tickets right away here.

  • Unique Hotel Stay Gifts for Travelers
  • Offer them your time 

If you’re super close to them and don’t mind looking after their house, pets, or kids, offer just that! Sometimes, it’s not only about the gift but the thought too. And plus, you are giving your time to babysit just so they can enjoy some time off!

  • Plan a holiday for them

It couldn’t get better than this! But of course, your budget has to match and their time. Make sure that you ask them about their availability in advance before booking any tickets.
Tip: If you really don’t have a budget to another continent, gift them a holiday near your hometown that could save them traveling by road/train

Travel-Related Books 

Does your traveler friend like to read? Then these travel books should keep them happy and planning for their next adventure!

Gift Inspiration for Women

I love packing a set of light tees and pants that I can mix and match throughout my travels, but sometimes a nice dress won’t hurt! I do this by packing lightweight dresses that I can pair with my hijab. These dresses don’t necessarily crease too much and almost need no maintenance. Click here to see this number in several colors


Some more inspiration for planning a travel gift dress:

Nothing makes the first impression better than good perfume. My favorite is the classic Chanel no 5 which might be a little expensive but I save it for special occasions. My sister often jokes that it screams “old lady”, but I just happen to love it! Choosing a perfume can be quite tricky as it depends on one’s personality. Some like fruity scents, while others like me prefer classic ones. Nevertheless, perfumes are known to be some of the best gifts ever so pick one out here.

I can classify this as a necessity, but I have seen people use substitutes for the same so I changed my mind. The most difficult part of traveling when you have only booked yourself for a carry-on is to pack basic toiletries. Since you aren’t allowed to carry liquids over 100 ml in one bottle, hence the need to transfer to smaller bottles without compromising on your favorite products. These lightweight bottles are easy to clean, use, and pack while being TSA approved by airports. Click here to get one for the traveler friend if you think they need it!

So, there you have it! 25 no-nonsense gifts for travelers that even you want your hands on *secretly* No problem! No one’s judging if you buy one of these items for yourself. I agree the dreamy gifts category is just too nice to pass up.

Do you have any more recommendations for best travel gifts that you can think of? Or, your traveler friends personally use? Let me know!

Until then, happy traveling! xx

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  1. Great list here & many items I can’t travel without now. I love the idea of buying experiences – fantastic thought. I recently went to a wedding & their whole list was made up of experiences for their honeymoon. I got excited just reading it!

    1. Yes, I too think gifting experiences is much more special than materialistic things. Especially if you know the person well enough to know what exactly they would like to do

  2. Packing cubes truly are the best!
    I dont go anywhere without mine, I have never had such an organized suitcase since I started using them 🙂

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