Eating Healthy at Comptoir 102

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As Dubai moves towards a healthier lifestyle, there are many restaurants  and cafes that have come up trying to compete with each other. In this battle of better than the best, Comptoir comes like a breath of fresh air.


Comptoir 102 is located in Jumeirah and is almost hard to miss while driving. A cafe and store concept that sells beautiful home decor and clothes. With wooden furniture and a rustic look, it gives a very earthy and homey feel. You can almost make yourself a little too comfortable on their couches placed outside, and oh! The soothing music is perfect to sit, relax and read with a coffee or two.

If you’re feeling otherwise, you can place your order and browse through their collection.



Skim through their menu and you can see how much thought has been put behind every dish.


The chalkboard on the wall said Cauliflower soup, and we started with just that. Rich and creamy but also warm and light. Can’t imagine all of these happening at once in a dish.



The Avocado Crostini was my favourite!  Their homemade macadamia sauce, guacamole and cucumber slices was a wonderful play on our taste buds. Also served on the side with every dish was the house salad. Their New York bagel filled with cheese made in house is a must try.

Labneh Organic Panini
Pita Sandwiches

Personally, I felt that our Pita sandwiches with walnuts were quite dry. Extra Tahina dressing could have enhanced the taste and wouldn’t have left it tasting like just avocado and bread.

Caption 102 All Green Salad
Tuna Salad

From the two salads we tried; Tuna and Comptoir 102 All Green Salad. Tuna clearly won. Avocado, parsley, celery, black sesame seeds with fresh tuna makes for a light and healthy snack.


The dessert for the day included a Chocolate Petit Pot and Smooth Apple Dream. While I didn’t prefer the latter, the chocolate based dessert with nuts was more my type. Although I felt this could be presented in a much better way.

Comptoir 102 is certainly a health lover’s dream. Haven’t tried their coffees, but heard they are good. They have four dining areas that make it perfect for every mood of yours. I feel I will be spending much of my time in the dim lit indoors when I visit next.

Hungryoungwoman recommends the Avocado Crostini, Tuna Salad, New York Bagel and their soup of the day.

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