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I heard about Dusty’s a while ago when they opened their doors. A few people raving about it on Zomato, and I was off to visit the place and see it for myself.


Located in DIFC, Dusty’s boasts a lively outdoor seating area at the Al Fattan Currency House. Due to the cool weather, we felt it would be apt for us to settle outside. They have a live DJ who plays latest tracks and a vibe that’s infectious. I can visit again just for that with friends. Our server introduced himself and recommended some drinks, of which I loved the Lychee cocktail.

We started with a couple of starters from the variety of appetizers offered; Tomato and Pesto Crostini and Crab Cakes. Just looking at them, we knew we’d need more to fill ourselves so we ordered a couple more. The Rock Shrimp Tempura and Garlic Prawns.


Of these, my favourite was the Garlic Prawns. Served on a hot plate and marinated in lemon butter, these prawns were definitely a hit. Especially for someone who’s a fan of strong flavours such as garlic. The tempura and crostini were good and disappeared in seconds. Their dishes seem to be really small portioned. Almost enough to fill one person, a nice change for the sharing menus out there.


I didn’t prefer the crab cakes much as I felt that they could have gone easy on the ginger flavour. I could taste blobs of ginger that didn’t blend in well with the mixture.

After a good start, we decided to order their Grilled Lamb Chops and Dusty’s signature dish; Dusty’s Red Chicken. The mains were a hit and miss for both of us. I don’t really know how I felt about the lamb, but not being a fan, I’m sure I wouldn’t be ordering them again. My guest, however, seemed to enjoy them and finished the dish himself.


The chicken arrived with a side of Truffle Fries with Parmesan. Beautifully presented, upon tasting I immediately related the flavour to Chicken Tikka, a popular Indian dish. After inquiring with the server, we were informed that the owner is an Indian. Great work Mr. Dusty! 😀

The chicken was soft but was found to be quite dry inside. Some extra gravy with it could have been helped.


Later, after a cup of coffee for each, we asked for our desserts. The most appealing dish on the menu was the Candy Station. Surely brought out the inner child in us, cause who doesn’t love chocolate fondue? Present that with macarons, marshmallows and a whole lot of treats, and we’re sold! Too bad our candy station didn’t light up due to the breeze. Cons of enjoying the weather. But oh well, we relished it nonetheless.


Another chocolate dessert; the Chocolate Fondant. Cause they’re so in at the moment, aren’t they? Served with a scoop of Vanilla ice cream on the side, the fondant was found to be mediocre. My suggestion would be to serve it warm so the chocolate inside really oozes out.

The staff can be a bit slow due to the crowd which can get a bit annoying if you’ve been waiting ages for your extra sauce to arrive. Yes, service might be one of the factors that decide whether you are willing to visit the place again, but the ambiance and food entirely negate it.

Thank you Dusty’s for the warm welcome and delicious food. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Until then, happy eating! xx
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